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15 Mile Road/Edison Corridor Sewer Tunnel Failure Study, Detroit Area, Michigan

Description: Partial abstract: "The study consisted of field and laboratory investigations, construction evaluation, and geotechnical and structural analyses to determine the cause(s) of distress and failure of a 2600-ft section of 12-ft 9-in. diameter concrete-lined sanitary sewer tunnel in the Detroit, Mich., area. [...] The report includes summaries of all pertinent construction records, results of all pertinent past and current field and laboratory tests on construction and geotechnical materials, and detailed geotechnical and structural analyses based on observed conditions and measured parameters."
Date: January 1981
Creator: Albert, Dick; Hoff, George C.; Lorence, Brian; Mitchell, Gerald B.; Mlakar, Paul F.; Murphy, William L. et al.

Acoustic Flowmeter Prototype Evaluation Tests

Description: Summary: "Prototype tests of an acoustic flowmeter system were made in a 24-ftdiam power penstock at Oahe Dam to evaluate the system prior to permanent installation in the outlet works at Summersville Dam. Comparative discharge measurements included acoustic, penstock pressure-momentum (Gibson), turbine model test ratings, scroll-case pressure differential (Winter-Kennedy flowmeter), and surge tank volume changes. The acoustic flowmeter measurements were very consistent and many of the comparisons were within 1%. The location of the measuring section for a single-path acoustic flowmeter must be selected to give a known or measurable relation between the flow pattern of the whole section and that along the acoustic path" (p. xi).
Date: January 1968
Creator: Pickett, Ellis B.

Airfield Pavement Evaluation: Report Number 8, Ardmore Air Force Base, Ardmore, Oklahoma

Description: Summary: results of flexural strength, CBR, and plate bearing tests, moisture and density determinations, mechanical analysis, and Atterburg limits tests conducted on the pavements, bases, and subgrades of the various landing facilities at this airfield are used in this report to evaluate the load-carrying capacity of the pavements with respect to various landing-gear assemblies and operational-life categories.
Date: January 1956
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)

An Analytical Model for Predicting Cross-Country Vehicle Performance, Appendix B: Vehicle Performance in Lateral and Longitudinal Obstacles (Vegetation), Volume 1: Lateral Obstacles

Description: First part of an appendix that accompanies a study meant to develop a model for predicting the cross-country performance of military vehicles in various conditions. This volume describes a segment of tests to determine the ability of vehicles to negotiate lateral obstacles (e.g., trees, boulders, holes, mounds, etc.).
Date: December 1968
Creator: Blackmon, Claude A. & Stoll, Jack K.

An Analytical Model for Predicting Cross-Country Vehicle Performance, Appendix D: Performance of Amphibious Vehicles in the Water-Land Interface (Hydrologic Geometry)

Description: Summary: "Forty tests were conducted with two amphibious tracked vehicles and one amphibious wheeled vehicle at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., and near Khon Kaen, Thailand, to determine the vehicles' capabilities for exiting closed bodies of water. Empirical relations, based on the data collected in this study and in previous studies, are presented to support the conclusions that performance of amphibious tracked and wheeled vehicles (in terms of "go-no go") in the water-land interface can be correlated with soil strength (expressed as average cone index of the 0- to 6-in. soil layer), and that the slope-climbing ability in the water-land interface of the tracked vehicles tested compares favorably with that of the same vehicles operating on land surfaces of similar soil composition and consistency" (p. ix).
Date: February 1970
Creator: Blackmon, Claude A.; Stinson, B. G. & Stoll, J. K.

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Columbia River Disposal Site, Oregon: Appendix A

Description: This report follows a two-part study made to investigate the hydraulic regime and physical nature of bottom sedimentation in the vicinity of the mouth of the Columbia River where disposal of large quantities of dredged material that has occurred over the last several decades.
Date: December 1977
Creator: Sternberg, Richard W.; Creager, Joe S.; Glassley, William & Johnson, Janice

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Duwamish Waterway Disposal Site, Puget Sound, Washington: Appendix D, Volume 1

Description: The following report describes work done by the Marine and Freshwater Ecology Branch, Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory (CERL), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Corvallis, Oregon. The study was conducted on the chemical and physical effects of open-water disposal of dredged material from the Duwamish River into Elliot Bay, Washington.
Date: June 1978
Creator: Baumgartner, D. J.; Schults, Donald W. & Carkin, J. B.

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Duwamish Waterway Disposal Site, Puget Sound, Washington: Appendix E

Description: From abstract: "This report presents a detailed discussion of he results obtained in a study conducted to evaluate the release of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) during open-water disposal of contaminated dredged material in Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, Washington."
Date: January 1978
Creator: Pavlou, Spyros P.; Dexter, Robert N.; Hom, Wilson; Hafferty, Andrew J. & Krogslund, Katherine A.

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Eatons Neck Disposal Site, Long Island Sound: Appendix A

Description: This report follows the study of the sedimentary and hydraulic processes in Long Island Sound near Green Ledge, Connecticut, and Eaton's Neck, New York with the intention of investigating was to evaluate the effects of aquatic disposal of dredged material on organisms and water quality, including the significance of physical, chemical, and biological factors that influence the rate of disposal site recolonization by benthic animals.
Date: September 1977
Creator: Bokuniewicz, Henry J.; Dowling, Michael; Gebert, Jeffrey A.; Gordon, Robert; Kaminsky, Peter; Pilbeam, Carol et al.

Army Airfield Pavement Evaluation, Report 4: Simmons Army Airfield, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Description: "This report describes studies and analyses made to determine the load-carrying capacities of the pavements at Simmons Army Airfield with respect to various aircraft landing gear assemblies and pavement life categories. The report includes data obtained from design specifications, in-place and laboratory tests performed during construction of the pavements, and in-place and laboratory tests performed for evaluation purposes" (p. 1).
Date: January 1958
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)

Assessment of Certain European Dredging Practices and Dredged Material Containment and Reclamation Methods

Description: This report documents the dredging practices, reclamation methods, and environmental effects of dredging in western Europe that were studied with emphasis on their relevance to the Dredge Material Research Program (DMRP).
Date: December 1978
Creator: d'Angremond, K.; Brakel, J.; Hoekstra, A. J.; Kleinbloesem, W. C. H.; Nederlof, L. & De Nekker, J.

Cavity Detection and Delineation Research, Report 1: Microgravimetric and Magnetic Surveys: Medford Cave Site, Florida

Description: Partial abstract: "This report reviews the scope of a research effort initiated in 1974 at the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station with the objectives of (a) assessing the state of the art in geophysical cavity detection and delineation methodology and (b) developing new methods and improving or adapting old methods for application to cavity detection and delineation." This report discusses the geography, topography, site drilling tests, magnetic and microgravimetric surveys, and other information about the Medfor Cave site in Florida.
Date: March 1983
Creator: Butler, Dwain K.

The Changeable Interaction between Soils and Pressure Cells: Tests and Reviews at the Waterways Experiment Station

Description: Partial abstract: "The principal subjects of the report are the often neglected changes in the interaction of soil and pressure cells with consequent changes in relative errors in cell registrations. The report contains (a) a brief account of the development and use of soil pressure cells; (b) a review of proposed theories for soil-cell interaction; (c) a delayed account of tests with Waterways Experiment Station pressure cells placed in a large triaxial device; and (d) tentative conclusions plus suggestions for calibration, installation, and measuring procedures."
Date: June 1976
Creator: Hvorslev, Mikael Juul

Characteristics of U.S. Rice Fields and Their Effects on Ground Mobility

Description: "The primary objective of this study was to obtain information on the environmental characteristics of rice fields in the United States and the effect of these characteristics on ground mobility for comparison with similar characteristics of rice fields in Southeast Asia as data from the latter become available" (p. vii).
Date: December 1965
Creator: Kennedy, James Garland & Rush, Edgar S.