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Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Columbia River Disposal Site, Oregon: Appendix A

Description: This report follows a two-part study made to investigate the hydraulic regime and physical nature of bottom sedimentation in the vicinity of the mouth of the Columbia River where disposal of large quantities of dredged material that has occurred over the last several decades.
Date: December 1977
Creator: Sternberg, Richard W.; Creager, Joe S.; Glassley, William & Johnson, Janice

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Duwamish Waterway Disposal Site, Puget Sound, Washington: Appendix D, Volume 1

Description: The following report describes work done by the Marine and Freshwater Ecology Branch, Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory (CERL), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Corvallis, Oregon. The study was conducted on the chemical and physical effects of open-water disposal of dredged material from the Duwamish River into Elliot Bay, Washington.
Date: June 1978
Creator: Baumgartner, D. J.; Schults, Donald W. & Carkin, J. B.

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Duwamish Waterway Disposal Site, Puget Sound, Washington: Appendix E

Description: From abstract: "This report presents a detailed discussion of he results obtained in a study conducted to evaluate the release of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) during open-water disposal of contaminated dredged material in Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, Washington."
Date: January 1978
Creator: Pavlou, Spyros P.; Dexter, Robert N.; Hom, Wilson; Hafferty, Andrew J. & Krogslund, Katherine A.

Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations, Eatons Neck Disposal Site, Long Island Sound: Appendix A

Description: This report follows the study of the sedimentary and hydraulic processes in Long Island Sound near Green Ledge, Connecticut, and Eaton's Neck, New York with the intention of investigating was to evaluate the effects of aquatic disposal of dredged material on organisms and water quality, including the significance of physical, chemical, and biological factors that influence the rate of disposal site recolonization by benthic animals.
Date: September 1977
Creator: Bokuniewicz, Henry J.; Dowling, Michael; Gebert, Jeffrey A.; Gordon, Robert; Kaminsky, Peter; Pilbeam, Carol et al.

Assessment of Certain European Dredging Practices and Dredged Material Containment and Reclamation Methods

Description: This report documents the dredging practices, reclamation methods, and environmental effects of dredging in western Europe that were studied with emphasis on their relevance to the Dredge Material Research Program (DMRP).
Date: December 1978
Creator: d'Angremond, K.; Brakel, J.; Hoekstra, A. J.; Kleinbloesem, W. C. H.; Nederlof, L. & De Nekker, J.

Chemical and Biological Characterization of Black Rock Harbor Dredged Material

Description: "This is one in a series of scientific reports documenting the findings of studies conducted under the Interagency Field Verifications of Testing and Predictive Methodologies for Dredged Material Disposal Alternatives (referred to at the Field Verification Program or FVP). This program is a comprehensive evaluation of environmental effects of dredged material disposal under conditions of upland and aquatic disposal and wetland creation."
Date: September 1985
Creator: Rogerson, Peter F.; Schimmel, Steven C. & Hoffman, Gerald

Columbia River Estuary Hybrid Model Studies: Report 1, Verification of Hybrid Modeling of the Columbia River Mouth

Description: From abstract: The Columbia Hybrid Modeling System was applied to the mouth of the Columbia River estuary to evaluate alternatives for reducing navigation channel maintenance dredging.
Date: September 1983
Creator: McAnally, William H., Jr.; Brogdon, Noble J., Jr.; Letter, Joseph V., Jr.; Stewart, J. Phillip & Thomas, William A.

Design and Development of Bendway Weirs for the Dogtooth Bend Reach, Mississippi River: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: From introduction: This report presents the results of a movable-bed model investigation concerned with the development of plans for the improvement of the Dogtooth Bend reach of the Mississippi River.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Derrick, David L.; Pokrefke, Thomas J., Jr.; Boyd, Marden B.; Crutchfield, James P. & Henderson, Raymond R.

Feasibility Study for Dyke Marsh Demonstration Area, Potomac River, Virginia

Description: Abstract: "Results of an investigation conducted to determine the engineering feasibility of using dredged material to expand an existing marshland area are presented. Dredged material obtained from maintenance dredging operations was found suitable for use as marsh substrate and site conditions were found adequate for construction of a containment facility. Factors evaluated in the study include site-specific feasibility of marsh expansion using dredged material, sizing of the demonstration area to meet water-quality and storage needs, preliminary design of the containment facility, procedures for the placement of dredged material, and identification of alternative construction methods, materials, and costs. Overall feasibility of marsh expansion was demonstrated and additional investigations were recommended for the project."
Date: November 1976
Creator: Palermo, Michael R. & Ziegler, Timothy W.