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Chemical Engineering Division Sodium Technology Annual Report: July 1975-June 1976

Description: The Sodium Technology program currently comprises three parts. The first part is aimed at developing a model for accurately describing the behavior of tritium in LMFBRs from its formation in the core to its ultimate retention in the cold traps or release to the environment. Two important parts of this model are the behavior of the sodium cold traps and permeation of tritium through the steam-generator heat-transfer surfaces. A tritium monitor has been developed and installed on EBR-II to measure tritium specific activities and to test the model of an operating LMFBR. The second part of the program is focused in two areas: 91) on-reactor-site conversion of commercial-grade sodium and (2) requalifying sodium from decommissioned reactors for reuse in future LMFBRs.
Date: January 1977
Creator: McPheeters, C. C.; Jardine, L. J.; McKee, J. M.; Raue, D. J.; Renner, T. A.; Skladzien, S. B. et al.