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Atmospheric radiation measurement program facilities newsletter, June 2003.

Description: The two article in this publication are (1) ARM Instrument Team Meets at SGP--Instrument team representatives from all three ARM CART sites (SGP, North Slope Alaska [NSA], and Tropical Western Pacific [TWP]) met at the SGP central facility during the week of June 9, 2003. The meeting agenda included an instrument-by instrument review of the operation and maintenance procedures used by instrument mentors and technicians, as well as refresher training for the technicians who maintain the instruments year-round. The group discussed new functions for ARM instrument mentors and the engineering and operations procedures for replacing instruments in the field or deploying new instruments. Attendees also viewed demonstrations of a new reporting system for data quality problems. (2) AERI Cross-Calibration Study Concludes--A brief study at the SGP central facility on June 6-11, 2003, compared two types of interferometers, instruments that measure the absolute spectral radiance of the sky and sky brightness temperature directly overhead. The measured data can be used to calculate vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and relative humidity. The present ARM instrument, the atmospheric emitted radiance interferometer (AERI), was built by the University of Wisconsin. For comparison, researchers at the Department of Energy's Remote Sensing Laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada, brought a Bomem model 304 interferometer to the SGP site. This new-generation interferometer could replace the AERI in the future. Analysis of performance data for the two systems is in progress.
Date: July 11, 2003
Creator: Holdridge, D. J.