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3D Thermal and Electrochemical Model for Spirally Wound Large Format Lithium-ion Batteries

Description: In many commercial cells, long tabs at both cell sides, leading to uniform potentials along the spiral direction of wound jelly rolls, are rarely seen because of their high manufacturing cost. More often, several metal strips are welded at discrete locations along both current collector foils. With this design, the difference of electrical potentials is easily built up along current collectors in the spiral direction. Hence, the design features of the tabs, such as number, location and size, can be crucial factors for spiral-shaped battery cells. This paper presents a Li-ion battery cell model having a 3-dimensional spiral mesh involving a wound jellyroll structure. Further results and analysis will be given regarding impacts of tab location, number, and size.
Date: October 14, 2010
Creator: Lee, K. J.; Kim, G. H. & Smith, K.

Air Cooling Technology for Power Electronics Thermal Control

Description: Assessing potential for air cooling in power electronics is a critical factor in power electronics equipment. NREL aims to assess effective air cooling techniques for power electronics technologies.
Date: November 14, 2007
Creator: Bharathan, D.

DOE Webinar - Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Retrofits

Description: This presentation was given December 14, 2010, as part of DOE's Webinar series. The presentation discusses geothermal heat pump retrofits, technology options, and an overview of geothermal energy and geothermal heat pumps.
Date: December 14, 2010
Creator: Anderson, E. R.

Fuel Cell Bus Evaluation Results

Description: Presentation on the results from the DOE fuel cell bus evaluation given at the Transportation Research Board's 87th annual meeting, January 14, 2008.
Date: January 14, 2008
Creator: Eudy, L.