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The Safeguard Anti-Ballistic Missile System: Some of the Issues

Description: This report examines the issues involved in the Congressional consideration of pending legislation to authorize and fund the first phase of the SAFEGUARD anti-ballistic missile system. It provides an overview of the development of the system, provides estimated costs, and analyzes the threat of nuclear attacks against the United States.
Date: July 1, 1969
Creator: Bussey, Donald S.

Ocean Resources and Potentials

Description: This report discusses the oceans resources and their potential use for food, minerals, drugs, and recreation. Plans for a formal federal research group devoted to oceanography and ocean resource research are also discussed.
Date: July 10, 1969
Creator: Price, Nancy C.

The "Monday Holiday Law" and Special National Observances

Description: This report discusses the new "Monday Holiday Law" which was passed in 1968 and took effect Jan. 1, 1971 which switched federal observances of holidays such as President's Day and Veterans Day to Mondays and instituted Columbus Day as a federal holiday. It also lists special observances proclaimed by the President in 1969.
Date: October 21, 1969
Creator: Renshawe, Michael L.

The New Left: Students for a Democratic Society, A Supplement

Description: This report discusses Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and their Marxist views and activities aimed at uniting students and workers. Splinter factions of SDS which staged violent protests in Chicago in the summer of 1969 are discussed in detail along with a prognosis on their likely levels of success in recruiting more students to their cause.
Date: November 26, 1969
Creator: Jones, Richard S.

Exploration of the Planets: A History, A Prospect, and Some Issues

Description: This report discusses the history and future of planetary exploration programs by the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Topics covered are motivations for planetary exploration, unmanned missions sent to Mars and Venus by the U.S. and Soviet Union, plans for manned missions to planets such as Mars, technical needs and costs for planetary space missions, and long-term plans and ideas.
Date: December 15, 1969
Creator: Devoe, Barbara M. & Sheldon, Charles S. II