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Reactions of the Refractory Silicides With Carbon and With Nitrogen

Description: Abstract: The silicides of Ti, Zr, Ce and Nb were investigated to determine the phases present at temperatures around 2000 K. The reactions of silicides of Ti, Zr, Ce, Nb, Ta, Mo, and W with carbon were studied at these temperatures. Also a limited amount of work was done on the reactions of some of the silicides with nitrogen. The data have been used to establish ternary phase diagrams for the systems and to obtain upper and lower limits for the heats of formation of the silicides.
Date: April 29, 1954
Creator: Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005 & Krikorian, Oscar

Medical and Health Physics Quarterly Report : April, May, June 1954

Description: The following quarterly report covers the period between April, May and June of 1954. The reports presented in this document discusses subjects of medical health and physics such as: biological studies of radiation effects, the metabolic properties of various tracer materials, radiation chemistry, health chemistry, and health physics.
Date: July 29, 1954
Creator: University of California. Radiation Laboratory.

Neutron Production by High-Energy Particles

Description: Abstract: "From neutron-yield measurements made with a MnSO4 detecting solution, the average number of neutrons produced per inelastic event is determined for a series of elements from lithium to uranium for 340-Mev protons, 190-and 315-Mev deuterons, 490-Mev He3 ions, and 90- and 160-Mev neutrons. The results are analyzed in an attempt to understand the total yield measurements for thick targets and to explain the variation of yield with the atomic number of the target."
Date: September 29, 1954
Creator: Crandall, Walter E. & Millburn, George P.

On the Mechanism of Generation of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Whirl Rings in the Interior of the Sun and Their Relation to Sunspots, Faculae, Prominences, and Flares

Description: Abstract: "A possible mechanism for the generation of magneto-hydrodynamic whirl rings near the center of the sun is described. The organic relation of the reflection of these whirl rings at the surface of the sun to the cooling of sunspots, orientation, and polarity sequence of sunspots, prominences, flares, and faculae is delineated."
Date: March 29, 1955
Creator: Bostick, W. H.

Large Toroidal Stabilized Pinch Proposal

Description: This report focuses on the study of the stabilized pinch program made to increase the plasma temperature and improve the plasma conductivity and containment. One method proposed is the usage of a large toroidal stabilized pinch, which is described here.
Date: January 29, 1958
Creator: Colgate, Stirling A. & Furth, H. P.

Li⁶ and Li⁷ (n. 2n) Cross Sections at 14.1 Mev

Description: Abstract: "An absolute measurement of the 14.1-Mev (n, 2n) cross sections of Li-6 and Li-7 has been made using the large scintillator technique, resulting in cross sections in barns of 0.070 +/- 0.006 and 0.056 +/- 0.005 for Li-6 and Li-7, respectively."
Date: May 29, 1958
Creator: Ashby, V. J.; Catron, H. C.; Newkirk, Lester L.; Taylor, C. J. & Williamson, M. A.