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Monthly Progress Report No. 130

Description: The following report is a general monthly progress report conducted by the radiation laboratory of the University of California discussing experimental physics, theoretical physics, the MTA target physics program, accelerator construction and operation, biology and medicine, and a plant and equipment report. The period being covered is January 15, 1954 to February 15, 1954.
Date: March 9, 1954
Creator: Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

Physical Studies of Cell Division: Statistical Fluctuations; Effects Due to X-Radiation, Temperature, and Hydrostatic Pressure

Description: Thesis discussing "a technique for determining the generation times of individual yeast cells...the effect of x-radiation on the generation times of individual cells and their progeny..." and "attempts to synchronize cell division in a population of cells."
Date: December 9, 1954
Creator: Burns, Victor Will

Suggested Uses of Cycloidal-Trajectory Particle Spectrometers in Nuclear Research

Description: From abstract: "The motion of a charged particle in a region of crossed electric and magnetic fields is discussed... Possible applications of such a system to various problems in nuclear research are suggested and it is shown to be possible in principle to measure the kinetic energy, mass, and ionic charge of various nuclear-reaction products and to separate various short-lived products for rapid examination. Two different devices are proposed. The application of the technique to investigation of the fission process is specifically discussed."
Date: March 9, 1955
Creator: Stevenson, Peter Cooper

Influence of Fluorine Substitution on the Properties of Metal Chelate Compounds

Description: From introduction: "This is the first of three articles dealing with the influence of fluorine substitution in the ligand on the properties of metal chelate compounds. Although the primary purpose of this project was to study the influence of fluorine substitution on the properties -- particularly light absorption -- of uranyl compounds, copper chelates were chosen for preliminary study as model substances, because they are easily prepared."
Date: June 9, 1955
Creator: Belford, R. Linn; Martell, Arthur E. & Calvin, Melvin

The Technology of Large Mercury-Pumped Vacuum Systems

Description: From Abstract: "This paper deals with the vacuum design considerations of large systems involving the application of 8-inch through 32-inch mercury diffusion pumps. The selection, rating, and optimization of pumps are discussed along with the closely allied problem of baffling the pumps. The materials of construction and methods of fabrication to avoid subsequent system contamination are dealt with in detail. System interlocking and its associated instrumentation are illustrated by referral to the operation of a large particle-accelerator vacuum system."
Date: November 9, 1955
Creator: Smith, Hugh R.

Gamma Rays from the Interaction of 14-Mev Neutrons with Beryllium

Description: Abstract: "The cross section for the Be-9(n, t')Li-7*-->Li-7 + Y(0.477 Mev) reaction has been measured in the vicinity of 14 Mev by detecting the gamma-rays at scattering angles from 30 to 150 degrees. A time-of-flight technique was used to distinguish the gamma-rays from the high neutron background. The cross section drops from 20 mb at 13.6 Mev to 10 mb at 14.1 Mev and then rises to 30 mb at 14.7 Mev."
Date: June 9, 1959
Creator: Benveniste, J.; Mitchell, A. C.; Schrader, C. D. & Zenger, J. H.