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The Rf System of the Bevatron

Description: Report discussing details of the design for the Bevatron at the University of California Radiation Laboratory. The Bevatron is a "6-billion-electron-volt (Bev) proton synchotron. This device will receive a 10-million-electron-volt (Mev) proton beam from a linear accelerator, and further accelerate a reasonable percentage of these protons, at a nominally constant radius of 600 inches, to a final energy greater than 6 Bev."
Date: June 4, 1954
Creator: Winningstad, C. Norman

The Design of a Pulsed Magnetic Field Coil for Table Top 1

Description: Abstract: "A cylindrical coil has been designed for pulsed field operation suitable for use in a model thermonuclear reactor. The coil has an eight-inch inside diameter and a length of fifty-one inches. Magnetic mirrors at the ends consist of double-layer solenoids six and one-half inches long designed to slip over the main coil. Subsequent models of this coil have been fabricated which improved the electrical insulation provided by the bonding materials and the mechanical rigidity of the coil. Peak central fields of fifteen kilogauss and mirror fields of thirty kilogauss have been obtained."
Date: May 4, 1955
Creator: Ford, Franklin C.

Macroscopic Properties of a One-Dimensional Plasma Confined by a Magnetic Field

Description: Abstract: "The quantities of interest in a confined plasma include the electric and magnetic fields, current density, diffusion velocity, temperature, pressure, and particle density. Equations governing the distribution of these seven variables are given in this report and special cases of a one-dimensional steady-state plasma are examined in detail. The solutions are given in graphical form."
Date: September 4, 1956
Creator: Batten, Hugh W. & Woods, Cornelius H.

Pump-Down Times for the β⁺ Ray and Felix Experiments

Description: "The e-folding time for the free-molecule pump-out time of the vacuum tank used for the β⁺ ray experiment (N¹⁹ at 20°C) is found to be of the order of 46 millisec, and that used for the Felix experiment (D₂ at 20°C) of the order of 12 millisec. In the Felix tank a particle bounces off of the walls on the average about 30 times before escaping, hence a "getter" material coated on the walls of the tube should result in a slightly more rapid pump-out time."
Date: February 4, 1958
Creator: Gibson, Gordon & Newcomb, William A.