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PAR Loop Schedule Review

Description: The schedule for the installation of the PAR slurry loop experiment in the South Facility of the ORR has been reviewed and revised. The design, fabrication, and installation is approximately two weeks behind schedule at this time due to many factors; however, indications are that this time can be made up. Design is estimated to be 56 per cent complete, fabrication 27 per cent complete-and installation 11 per cent complete:
Date: March 31, 0958
Creator: Schaffer, Jr. & W.F.

Three-dimensional Numerical Investigation of Electron Transport with Rotating Spoke in a Cylindrical Anode Layer Hall Plasma Accelerator

Description: The oscillation behavior described in [Tang et. al, Phys. Plasmas 19, 073519 (2012)] di ers too greatly from previous experimental and numerical studies to claim observation of the same phenomenon. Most signi cantly, the rotation velocity in [Tang et. al, Phys. Plasmas 19, 073519 (2012)] is three orders of magnitude larger than that of typical \rotating spoke" phenomena. Several physical and numerical considerations are presented to more accurately understand the numerical results of [Tang et. al, Phys. Plasmas 19, 073519 (2012)] in light of previous studies.
Date: August 27, 1012
Creator: Ellison, C. Leland; Matyash, K.; Parker, J. B.; Raitses, Y. & Fisch, N. J.

On Secondary Enlargements of Mineral Fragments in Certain Rocks

Description: A report about quartz fragments and genesis of qartzites. Sandstones are described that have grains which are bounded externally by crystalline faces. The quartz coatings of these grains are in perfect "optical and crystalline continuity" with the interior fragments.
Date: 1884
Creator: Irving, R. D. & Van Hise, C. R.

Notes of the Geology of North California

Description: A report about a complex group of mountain ridges in Northern California and Oregon. It discusses the geology of North California.
Date: 1886
Creator: Diller, J. S.

Types of the Laramie Flora

Description: From explanatory remarks: I have in preparation a work on the flora of the Laramie group, in which will be described and figured a very large number of fossil plants, most of 'which were collected by myself in the seasons of 1881 and 1883 and the elaboration of which has occupied most of my time since the latter date.
Date: 1887
Creator: Ward, Lester F.