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Applied Potential Corrosion of Aluminum and 18-8 Stainless Steel Alloys

Description: Introduction: In anticipation of the design of equipment for heat transfer tests, a series of short exposure corrosion tests was initiated in an effort to determine the order of magnitude of the corrosion involved. Information was required on the effect on corrosion rates of applying a potential between two concentric tubes, the annulus between them containing condensate water.
Date: March 13, 1930
Creator: Sanborn, Kenneth L.

Extrapolation Chamber Measurements of the Beta Ray Surface Dose from Uranium

Description: From purpose: "The purpose of the work reported here is to measure the beta ray surface does rate from uranium metal and to develop equipment and techniques for measuring the surface dose rate from other materials. It is also the intention to extend the measurements to dose rates delivered at various depths in tissue."
Date: 1948
Creator: Leap, H. E., Jr. & Whipple, G. H., Jr.

Correlation of Chemical Analyses on Graphite Bars and Test Pile Results

Description: From abstract: "The chemical analyses of graphite test bars obtained from National Carbon Company and the analyses performed by the Hanford Works Laboratories Division do not correlate significantly with the test pile results, nor do the chemical analyses obtained from National Carbon Company agree with those done in the Handford Works Laboratories. Chemical results obtained at Hanford on samples taken lengthwise from individual bars correlated significantly with the individual test pile results."
Date: February 5, 1948
Creator: Lane, J. J.

Diameter Measurements of Slugs Before and After Prolonged Heat Treatment

Description: Abstract: "Diameter measurements of 25 slugs taken before and after a prolonged heat treatment showed no evidence of differences that would indicate blistering. The average effects of the treatment was different for the various slugs. Large differences in diameter measurements between slugs. Large differences in diameter between slugs and significant differences between indices and positions were found."
Date: February 16, 1948
Creator: Bennett, Carl A. & Lane, J. J.

General Engineering and Consulting Laboratory "Hot Service" Turbine Pump Progress Report: May 1 to June 15, 1948

Description: Introduction: "This report covers progress on the testing of the General Engineering and Consulting Laboratories Turbine Pump No. 1 from May 1, 1948 to Jun 15, 1948. All testing prior to April 30, 1948 has been described in Redox Experiment Testing Report No. 1 (Document HW-9474) and No. 2 (Document HW-9694)."
Date: June 21, 1948
Creator: Stringer, J. T. & Allen, A. W.

Zirconium Pheylarsonate Tracer Scale Method for the Differentiation of Pu(III) and Pu(IV) in Redox Solutions

Description: The following report studies an estimation of the amount of Pu(III) and Pu(IV) present in the IBP Stream, with the purpose of establishing an analytical, method suitable for routine control analysis. A method is discussed that is based on carrying Pu(IV) upon a zirconium phanylarsonate precipitate.
Date: June 30, 1948
Creator: Ice, C. H.

Boron stainless steel for drop rods

Description: From introduction: "The present investigation of the properties of boron stainless steel is an outgrowth of a project started in 1947. The problem is to replace the present steel used for drop rods in the Hanford piles with a material much less subject to corrosive attack from the humid atmosphere existing at the location of the rods."
Date: September 7, 1948
Creator: Callen, A. C. & Heckman, A. L.

Biology Seminar : methods of assaying for plutonium in biological materials

Description: From introduction: "Since plutonium is manufactured at the Hanford Works, a study of its effect on biological materials is important. To determine the amount of plutonium deposited in a biological sample, it is necessary to have an accurate method for extracting plutonium from these samples. Some of the different methods for plutonium assay are reviewed and given in this paper."
Date: November 1948
Creator: Case, A. C.

Neutralization of HNO₃ in Redox ICU an IAW Streams

Description: The following memorandum outlines the procedures used on the neutralization of HNO3 in redox ICU and IAW streams, and the factors influencing their choice. The procedures involve a) hexone removal by evaporation in the presence of a retardant, b) destruction of the retardant, c) nitric acid elimination by boiling with aluminum and d) concentration of the remaining solution by evaporation.
Date: December 10, 1948
Creator: Curtis, M. H.

Optical Instruments for the Atomic Industry

Description: The following report presents some points of interest obtained from the use of optical equipment at the Hanford Works; however, this report does not give complete descriptions of the instruments or theories. Full descriptions can be found in the Instrument Division Manual, Section IV.
Date: 1949
Creator: Holeman, J. M.

A Microdetermination of Uranium by Ferric Sulfate Titration

Description: Abstract: "Following nitrate removal by means of a three-stage hydrochloric acid digestion, uranium was reduced with chromous sulfate reagent. In an inert atmosphere, the quadrivalent uranium was titrated at 80-95[degrees] with standard ferric sulfate solution. The end point was obtained with a potentiometric cell including a platinum in-titrant reference electrode and a platinum indicator electrode. Application was made to various low leverl uranium solutions. For samples containing 1 - 12 milligrams or uranium, less than one percent error may be expected. Iron and chromium do not interfere."
Date: February 16, 1949
Creator: Christopherson, E. W.

Corrosion Tests on Tantalum, Hastelloy C and Duriron in 234-5 Project Solutions

Description: Introduction: "Room temperature and elevated temperature, static immersion and vapor suspicion, corrosion tests were conducted with Duriron, Hastelloy C, and tantalum in hydriotic acid and 234-5 project process supernatant solution (synthetic environments. The data relevant to these tests are contained herein."
Date: February 25, 1949
Creator: Work, J. B. & Koenig, W. W.

Corrosion resistance and magnetic susceptibility

Description: From summary: "On the basis of the tests described herein, the corrosion characteristics of T-347 welded stainless steel are found not to be affected by the magnetic properties of the welds even though these properties are likely the result of the presence of the ferritic structure."
Date: March 7, 1949
Creator: Koenig, W. W. & Heckman, R. L.