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Reactor Shielding Design Manual

Description: The purpose of this manual is to help an engineer or scientist to design a practical shield by making available to them the techniques and data developed by the Naval Reactors Program and Pressurized Water Reactor Program.
Date: March 1956
Creator: Rockwell, Theodore, III

Energy Transfer Between Modified Maxwell Distributions

Description: Abstract: "A particularly conventional modified form of Maxwell distribution is chosen. The modified expressions for (a) the energy transfer from the ions to the electrons in a plasma and (b) the brehmestrahlung from the electrons are calculated. Using the expressions some possible steady-state conditions for the ion and electron gases are derived and compared with those for the usual Maxwell distributions."
Date: September 20, 1956
Creator: Greyber, Howard D. & Bing, G.

Materials for Fluorine Generator Anode Assemblies

Description: Corrosion of anode assembly materials in fluorine generators is pronounced, therefore, selection of the proper materials for construction is important. Several metals and alloys have been tested for corrosion resistance when anodic in a fluorine test cell. In general, copper, copper alloys and magnesium alloys offer the best corrosion resistance.
Date: September 28, 1956
Creator: Simmons, R. E.; Rossmassler, W. R.; Hoskins, C. W. & Johnston, R. A.