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Beef Cattle for Breeding Purposes.
Describes how to select and manage beef cattle that will be used for breeding.
Producing and harvesting grass seed in the Great Plains.
Discusses best practices for selecting, growing, and harvesting grass seed in the Great Plains states: Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, north Dakota, and South Dakota.
Pea diseases and their control.
Describes pea diseases, how they spread, and how to control them.
Sudan grass.
Describes the varieties, characteristics, and uses of Sudan grass. Includes instructions for control of diseases and pests.
Growing the transplant onion crop.
Discusses onion-growing by the transplant method. Provides suggestions for soils, transplanting, irrigation, weed control, insect and disease control, harvesting, and storage.
Marketing Eggs.
Describes the benefits of the egg market, the process for producing quality eggs, and the steps for grading, packaging, transporting, and selling eggs.
Nematode disease of wheat and rye.
This document describes the nematode disease of wheat and rye, including: symptoms, cause, geographic distribution, and methods of control of the disease.
Pear growing in the Pacific Coast states.
Describes pear varieties of the Pacific Coast states, and how to grow them.
Pruning hardy fruit plants.
Provides instructions for pruning several types of fruit trees, grapevines, and small fruit plants.
Grasshoppers : a new look at an ancient enemy.
Describes the damage grasshoppers cause to crops, how to identify different species, how they develop, and where and how they live. With this information as a background, the final section describes how to control them.
Tung production.
Discusses planting, cultivating, and harvesting tung trees for oil production. Describes insect enemies and diseases.
Culture of sorgo.
Discusses sorgo culture and syrup manufacturing. Provides information on characteristics and varieties, diseases, and insects affecting stored sorgo.
Indicators of Southwestern range conditions.
A guide to evaluating range conditions. Discusses range indicators and range deterioration.
Managing the small forest
A guide to the basic principles of forest management, for use by small forest owners.
Snap beans for marketing, canning, and freezing.
Discusses the importance of snap beans as a crop, its adaptability and varieties, its planting and care, as well as its disease and insect enemies and how to control them.