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The home fruit garden on the northern Great Plains.
A guide to establishing and maintaining a home fruit garden in the Northern Great Plains region.
Beef on the farm : slaughtering, cutting, curing.
Describes the methods for slaughtering fresh beef on the farm; provides instructions outlining procedures for cutting and curing beef.
Commercial growing and harvesting of sweetpotatoes.
Describes different types of sweet potatoes, and the methods for transplanting, cultivating, and harvesting them. Argues the possibility of increasing the profitability of this crop.
Insurance for farmers : fire, windstorm, crop-hail, liability and life.
Describes risks that farmers face, and the different types of insurance that farmers should consider. Includes a check list of important insurance related questions.
Containers in common use for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Describes the varieties of standard containers for shipping fresh fruits and vegetables, and their costs and uses. Recommends simplification to reduce the burdens caused by the lack of uniformity in containers.
Protection of buildings and farm property from lightning.
Describes the threat of lightning and provides methods for protecting farm buildings and property from lightning damage.
Growing annual flowering plants.
Provides brief descriptions of annual flowering plants and discusses cultural practices for maintaining them.
Rice culture in California.
Describes the proper methods for planting and cultivating a rice crop in California.
Beef production on the farm.
A guide to raising beef cattle and fattening calves. Includes a discussion of breeding stock, feeding, herd management, and disease prevention.
Soybean Production for Hay and Beans.
Describes the production of soybean plants for both soybean-hay and soy beans themselves. Discusses storage and marketing practices.
Pattern alteration.
A guide to fitting and alteration of commercial dress patterns.
Control of the citrus rust mite.
Describes the characteristics of the citrus rust mite, the damage it causes to citrus fruits, and methods of control.
Kill barberry bushes that spread stem rust to grains.
Describes how to recognize rust-spreading barberry bushes and how to kill them. Explains how doing so can be beneficial both to individual farmers and the national economy.
Harvesting and handling citrus fruits in the Gulf states.
Describes how to harvest, package, transport, and handle citrus fruits that are grown in the Gulf States, preventing damage and maintaining quality.