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The Home Fruit Garden: Preparation and Care
Report instructing how to plan, design, and care for a small fruit garden. There is no discussion of specific fruits but rather an explanation of different general methods for adapting plants to the particular conditions found in small gardens.
The Propagation of Plants
Report discussing brief and practical suggestions for propagating plants from both seeds and cuttings. Layering, grafting, and budding are also discussed.
Practical Suggestions for Fruit Growers
Report discussing practical principles for fruit growing which farmers can apply to their orchards to increase production. Topics discussed include location of orchards, pruning, and spraying.
Scabies in Cattle
Report discussing the most effective treatments for scabies, also known as mange (or more colloquially, as "cattle itch" or "Texas itch"), in cattle.
How Insects Affect Health in Rural Districts
Report describing the incidence of malaria, typhoid fever, and yellow fever in rural districts. Sources of disease and methods of protection and prevention are discussed.
How to Build Small Irrigation Ditches
Report giving specific directions for building small irrigation ditches on the farm.
Games Laws for 1902: A Summary of the Provisions Relating to Seasons, Shipment, Sale, and Licenses
Report presenting information on the game laws effective for 1902 in the United States and Canada, with special emphasis on federal laws and provisions governing interstate commerce. The report is not a comprehensive overview of state game laws.
Orchard Enemies in the Pacific Northwest
Report discussing the increasing prevalence of injurious insects and diseases in the orchards of the Pacific Northwest and effective methods for controlling them. Discussion includes both bacterial and fungal diseases.
The home vineyard : with special reference to northern conditions
Describes how to cultivate a small vineyard. Discussion includes techniques for supporting and training vines, pruning, and soil drainage.
Celery Culture.
A guide to growing celery, including planting, watering, mulching, insect and disease control, storage, and selling.
The culture of tobacco.
A guide to tobacco farming, including sowing, planting, fertilizing, cutting, seed saving, and insect pest control.
Ducks and geese: standard breeds and management.
Describes the standard breeds of ducks and geese, and provides instructions for their care and management.
Earth Roads.
Discusses earth roads, and methods of drainage that are essential to maintaining them.
Insecticides and Fungicides: Chemical Composition and Effectiveness of Certain Preparations.
Describes several pest-control products sold at the turn of the 20th century, including branded products and generic mixtures in use at the time. Provides buying advice to merchants and potential purchasers of those pesticides and fungicides.
Principles of nutrition and nutritive value of food.
Discusses the general principles of nutrition. Includes the results of studies carried out by the Department of Experiment Stations.
Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 20
Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Muck or Peat, Culture of Potatoes, the Farmer's Vegetable Garden, Shrikinage of Farm Products, Muskmelons, Soils for Strawberries, Fertilizers for Strawberries, Plum Culture, Onion Culture, Digestibility of Milk, Shelter for Dairy Cows, and Feed Mills and Windmills.
Clearing New Land
Report discussing methods of clearing forested land for the establishment of pastures and farms. Methods discussed include the use of dynamite, machinery, horses and chain, and oxen. Special attention is given to selecting a method based on the root system of the trees.