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The Feeding of Farm Animals
Report discussing the general principles of the feeding of farm animals based on experiments and investigations as well as the observations of successful animal feeders. The discussion includes suggested rations for various animals and purposes.
Some Insects Injurious to Stored Grain
Report discussing insects which commonly cause damage to grain being kept in storage. Three of these insects -- the granary weevil, rice weevil and Angoumois grain moth -- develop and live within the kernels until they reach maturity while the other insects feed on grain in both its kernel and processed forms.
Sweet Potatoes: Culture and Uses
Report discussing proper techniques for cultivating sweet potatoes, including suggestions for propagation, harvest, and the prevention of diseases. There is also a discussion of uses of the sweet potatoes and production costs.
Asparagus Culture
Report discussing the cultivation of asparagus, including its varieties, soil preparation, fertilizers, harvesting practices, canning methods, and common fungus diseases and insect enemies.
Butter Making on the Farm.
Describes the steps used to make butter on the farm, including creaming, churning, coloring, salting, and working the butter.
How to Grow Mushrooms.
A guide to growing mushrooms, with instructions for sorting and packing for shipment.
The Manuring of Cotton.
Describes experiments in manuring cotton, the yield and profit of cotton crops when properly fertilized, and best practices in fertilizer application.
Marketing farm produce.
Practical suggestions for packing, shipping, and selling farm products. Includes specific instructions for butter, eggs, poultry, game, meats, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and honey.
Sorghum as a forage crop.
Describes methods of sorghum culture and discusses its use as a forage crop.