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Potato culture.
Describes best practices for growing and cultivating potatoes.
Fowls: Care and Feeding
Report discussing the proper way to raise poultry for meat and eggs with a special emphasis on appropriate types of feed. Other topics discussed include nesting, incubation, disease, and dressing and shipping.
Spraying for fruit diseases.
Describes fungous diseases of grapes, apples, pears, quince, cherries, and plums. Includes recipes for fungicides and descriptions of spraying equipment used for treatment.
Kafir Corn: Characteristics, Culture, and Uses
Report discussing the cultivation of kafir corn. The U.S. Department of Agriculture had recently introduced kafir corn from South Africa as an alternative to native varieties of corn because of its drought-resistant qualities and success in semiarid portion of the United States.
Peanuts: Culture and Uses
Report discussing ways to cultivate and increase the average yield per acre of peanuts. The report argues against increasing the acreage of peanut crops for the purpose of producing greater quantities of peanut oil.
Irrigation in Humid Climates
Report discussing and promoting irrigation practices in the eastern United States, which, although its climate is humid, does not have sufficient soil moisture in drier seasons to produce a maximum crop yield.
Sewage Disposal on the Farm and the Protection of Drinking Water
Report discussing the proper disposal of sewage in rural areas, with special emphasis on practices which protect drinking water supplies. Methods for disposal of fecal matter include the privy, cesspool, dry-earth closet, and water-closet while liquid sewage may be disposed of in vaults or through irrigation systems. Proper disposal of kitchen scraps, ashes, and other common waste products is briefly explained. Water contamination and well construction is also discussed
Cotton seed and its products.
Discusses cottonseed and its uses. Describes methods of manufacturing cottonseed products.
Onion Culture
Report discussing proper techniques for cultivating onions, particularly in large quantities. Special consideration is given to the differences between American and foreign varieties of the onion and their suitability for the market.