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Webworms Injurious to Cereal and Forage Crops and Their Control.
Discusses the life cycle of the webworm, the damage it can cause to cereal and forage crops, and methods to control it.
Greenhouse tomatoes.
Describes the benefits of growing tomatoes in greenhouses for improved quality and marketability. Discusses requirements and methods for successfully growing greenhouse tomatoes.
Growing peanuts.
A guide to growing, harvesting, and selling peanuts. Includes descriptions of peanut varieties.
Rammed Earth Walls for Buildings.
Describes how to construct a building that uses rammed earth for walls.
Small Concrete Construction on the Farm.
Describes how to plan and build small concrete structures on the farm.
Cattle grubs or heel flies with suggestions for their control.
Describes the damage caused by cattle grubs and provides methods for their control.
Fitting dresses and blouses.
A guide to fitting and alteration of commercial sewing patterns and finished clothing for women.
The common cabbage worm and its control.
Describes the characteristics and life history of the common cabbage worm, the damage it can cause, and methods of control.
Protection of mesquite cordwood and posts from borers.
Describes the value of the mesquite tree, and the threat of the borer to it. Also describes the life cycle of the borer.
Grass crops in conservation farming.
Describes the success of grassland improvement methods as demonstrated by experiment stations, agricultural technicians, farmers, and ranchers.
The potato leafhopper and how to control it.
Describes the characteristics and life cycle of the potato leafhopper, and methods for control.
Destroy the Common Barberry
Discusses the importance of eradicating the common barberry bush in order to prevent the spread of the disease black stem rust to wheat, oats, barley, rye, and wild grasses. Farmers are advised to dig up all common barberry bushes; however, Japanese barberry bushes are harmless and can remain, or farmers may even replace common barberry bushes with Japanese barberry bushes.
Christmas trees as a cash crop for the farm.
Provides steps for planting, cultivating, and marketing Christmas trees.
Marketing the Early-Potato Crop.
A guide to selling in the early-potato market, with an emphasis on proper shipping methods to prevent loss.
Marketing farm produce by parcel post.
Describes methods and considerations for shipping farm produce by parcel post.
The boll-weevil problem.
Describes the characteristics of the boll weevil, the damage that it causes to crops, and methods for its control.
Cotton-dusting machinery.
A guide to selecting farm machinery for dusting cotton crops.
Turkey raising.
Describes methods of turkey farming for both small and large scale production.
Winter legumes for green manure in the Cotton Belt.
Describes varieties of the winter legumes used for "green manure" in the southern United States; provides suggestions for considerations to make when using winter legumes on farmland.
Preparing peaches for market.
Describes methods for harvesting, packing, and shipping peaches to be sold at market.
Rural Planning: The Social Aspects.
Describes the trend toward establishing planned recreation areas in rural communities, and the economic and social benefits they provide to farmers.
Utilization of alfalfa.
Describes various uses for alfalfa, with instructions for each.
Grasshoppers : a new look at an ancient enemy.
Describes the damage grasshoppers cause to crops, how to identify different species, how they develop, and where and how they live. With this information as a background, the final section describes how to control them.
The Velvetbean.
A guide to velvet-bean culture, including a discussion of its uses as food for livestock and humans.
Selecting hens for egg production.
A guide to evaluating the health and maturity of a hen for the purpose of egg production.
Good pastures.
A guide to improving pastures for the purpose of increasing production during wartime.
Control of potato-tuber diseases.
Describes various potato-tuber diseases, as well as the various methods of control of these diseases.
Reseeding to increase the yield of Montana range lands.
A guide to reseeding and restoring range lands for the use of ranchers in Montana and other western ranges, for the purpose of increasing forage and livestock production.
Making a dress at home.
A step-by-step guide to making a dress at home, using a commercial home sewing pattern and woven fabric.
Insects attacking the peach in the South and how to control them.
Describes various species of insects that target peach crops in the southern United States, and methods of control.
Control of the citrus rust mite.
Describes the characteristics of the citrus rust mite, the damage it causes to citrus fruits, and methods of control.
The Southern Pine Beetle: A Serious Enemy of Pines in the South.
Describes the characteristics of the southern pine beetle, the damage it causes to pine trees in the southern United States, and methods of control.
Home canning of fruits, vegetables and meats.
Describes the equipment needed, and the necessary steps to successfully can meats, vegetables, and fruits.
Seed Potatoes and How to Produce Them.
Describes methods for producing high quality seed potatoes in the United States.
Lettuce growing in greenhouses.
Describes different types of greenhouses for lettuce-growing; provides instructions for growing lettuce in greenhouses.
Sugar-beet culture in the intermountain area with curly top resistant varieties.
Describes types of sugar beets, procedures for growing them, and possible threats to them.
Breeds of chickens for meat and egg production.
Describes the characteristics of the different breeds of chicken that are used for the production of meat and eggs.
Barnyard Manure.
Describes the benefits of more economical management of organic farm resources, namely barnyard manure. Discusses the management and application of methods for using fertilizers on the farm.
Care of damaged shade trees.
Discusses the important role shade trees play in camouflaging property. Explains the ways in which shade trees can become damaged and provides advice for repairing them in the event of damage.
Rice as food.
Describes the international importance of rice; provides various dishes, recipes, tips, and cooking methods, all revolving around rice as a main foodstuff.
Onion-set production.
A guide to growing green onions from sets, in order to increase production and alleviate a wartime onion shortage.
Chalcid control in alfalfa-seed production.
Describes the damage that the chalcid can cause to an alfalfa seed crop, and various measures that a farmer can take to control it.
Bridge Grafting.
Provides instructions for bridge-grafting to save fruit trees that have been damaged by rodents or disease.