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Control of the Common Mealybug on Citrus in California.
Describes the mealybug, the damage it causes to citrus fruits in California, and methods of control.
Cleaning milking machines.
Provides instructions for cleaning mechanical milking machines in order to prevent bacterial contamination.
Containers in common use for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Describes the varieties of standard containers for shipping fresh fruits and vegetables, and their costs and uses. Recommends simplification to reduce the burdens caused by the lack of uniformity in containers.
Beef Cattle for Breeding Purposes.
Describes how to select and manage beef cattle that will be used for breeding.
Tobacco diseases and their control.
Describes different types of diseases that threaten tobacco crops, and methods for their control.
Growing alfalfa.
Describes methods for successfully growing alfalfa, including insect and disease control.
The production of peas for canning.
Describes the proper methods for planting, growing, and harvesting peas that will later be canned and sold.
Ornamental hedges for the southern Great Plains.
Discusses ornamental hedges that are best for use in the southern Great Plains and methods for their care. Gives instructions for selecting planting stock, care, and pruning hedges.
The sheep tick and its eradication.
Describes the characteristics of the sheep tick, the damage it causes to sheep, and methods of control.
The Great Basin wireworm in the Pacific Northwest.
Discusses the damage caused by the wireworm pest, its life history, natural enemies, and methods of its control through chemical or non-chemical means.
Wheat smuts and their control.
Describes the characteristics of three types of wheat smut in the United States and methods of control.
Soybeans for Feed, Food, and Industrial Products.
Describes the versatility of the soybean as a crop, including its use for pasturage, animal feed, hay and straw, soil improvement, industrial purposes, as oil, as fertilizer or insecticide, as a honey crop, and for human food products. Includes instructions for growing and processing soybeans. Also includes instructions for preparing soy milk and soy curd (tofu).
Sugar-beet growing under irrigation in the Utah-Idaho area.
A guide to growing sugar beets. Provides suggestions for field selection, including irrigated fields. Discusses planting, cultivation, and harvesting, as well as uses for beet by-products.
Dairy cattle judging.
Describes the major points for judging dairy cows and how to conduct comparative judging.
Methods and Equipment for Home Laundering.
Guide to planning a laundry center at home. Describes various types of equipment and machinery available for washing, drying, and ironing. Describes the products used for laundering and the recommended laundering methods for specific fabric types.
Judging sheep.
Describes systematic processes for inspecting and judging sheep.
Home Tanning of Leather and Small Fur Skins.
Describes the process for tanning hides and skins for leather and fur.
Buckwheat culture.
Describes methods of growing buckwheat, and ways to use the crop.
Heating the farm home.
Describes different methods for heating a farm home during the winter.
Storage of ear corn on the farm in the north central states.
Describes precautions that should be taken when storing ear corn on the farm.
Sheep-killing dogs.
Describes the problems posed by sheep-killing dogs and their habits. Discusses control methods, including dog-proof fencing and law enforcement. Provides suggestions for uniform state dog laws, and a summary of existing state dog laws.
Insect pests of the peach in the eastern states.
Describes the life cycles and characteristics of insects that threaten peach trees in the eastern United States.
The peach borer: how to prevent or lessen its ravages.
Describes the life cycle of the peach borer and suggests methods for reducing damage caused by it.
Preventing damage by Lyctus powder-post beetles.
Describes the characteristics of Lyctus powder-post beetles, the damage they cause, and methods of control.