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Life-sustaining technology and the elderly: geriatric expertise in the context of critical and terminal care
This report of OTA has conducted a study of a wide range of topics, some of which have recently been receiving a great deal of scrutiny inside and outside the government. In order to derive information specific enough to guide possible congressional action and to be responsive to the requesting Committees, this examination of the issues is specifically tied to particular life-sustaining technologies and their use with patients who are elderly. At the same time, much of this information is applicable to life-sustaining technology in general and to citizens of all ages.
New developments in biotechnology: field-testing engineered organisms: genetic and ecological issues: contractor documents, volume 1
This report includes these topics: Potential environmental impact of widespread releases of non-ice nucleating bacteria in agriculture / D.A. Andow, S.S. Snapp, and P.S. Teng -- An assessment of the impact of large-scale applications of ice-minus bacteria and other procedures designed to decrease population sizes of ice-nucleative-active bacteria on crops / Christen D. Upper, Susan S. Hirano, Gabor Vali.
Legal and regulatory issues for neural grafts
This report discusses the use of neural grafts from fetuses that is showing some success for the treatment of disorders such as Parkinson's disease.
International neurotoxicology research: current activities and future directions: a report
This report reviews international research activities in the field of neurotoxicology that will provide a broad overview of research dealing with neurotoxic chemicals that may represent a health hazard to human population.
The impact of office automation on the quality of work life: policy implications
This report focuses only on policy implication of video display terminals (VDT) usage in the areas of composition and edition/correction. The rest of the paper presents a brief discussion of the problems resulting from VDT adoption and usage in the office workplace, and the policy implications of both primary and instrumental impacts as described earlier.
Soviet science and engineering education and work force policies: recent trends
This report discusses the Soviet education in the science and engineering that has been characterized by major quantitative achievements and serious qualitative and administrative shortcomings.
The frozen North: controlling physician costs through controlling fees: the Canadian experience
This report discusses the national health insurance system in Canada. It describes the financing for health care, the costs of hospital and medical care.
Distance learning case studies
This report discuses distance learning projects, and ways telecommunications technologies such as satellites, cable television, fiber optics, slow scan TV, instructional television fixed services, and microcomputer networking have opened up opportunities for school districts to coordinate schedules and to share resources.
Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: antibiotics and the elderly
This report describes current treatment practices of life-sustaining technologies by providing tables and figures. It discusses the characteristics of the decision-making process, as well as other issues in antibiotic use.
An analysis of the scope and quality of the current supply of educational software, and of the available sources of information on educational software
This report presents an analysis of the scope and quality of the current supply of educational software, as well as analysis of the information sources available to educational software acquisition.
Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and related therapies for renal dialysis and the elderly/technology
This report provides the Office of Technology Assessment with an overview of some of the investment issues affecting the future of the electric power industry in support of OTA's ongoing study on competition in the industry.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Rail Transportation Divsion
This report discusses the railway systems in China, United States and Canada. A number of Chinese PRC railroad officers, engineers, transportation specialists, and planning experts studied in the USA.
Support for educational technology R & D: the federal role
This report examines the history of the United States Federal Government support for education technology research and development. The report identifies funding level for several civilian and military Federal agencies over time period, nature of programs and projects supported, six case studies of illustrative R&D program, and factors policy recommendations.
New developments in biotechnology: Requirements for deposit of microorganisms, plants, and animals and the role of the independent depository
This report starts out with historical development of independent depositories. It then discusses general requirements for deposits of microorganisms, plants and animals as they relate to the application for a patent and the role of independent depository in facilitating provisions of patent law governing specifications of the a patent applications.
Patenting life: Ethical issues related to the patenting of animals
This report discusses the importance of patenting transgenic animal for scientific and technology developments, and for innovation and entrepreneurship. It also discusses metaphysical and teological arguments opposing the patenting of transgenic animals.
Influences on development and innovation in educational technology
This report provides a look at the history of educational technology, including both successful and unsuccessful government and private enterprise projects during the past three decades. The report examines trends in technological factors and new technologies that will influence development of innovative educational hardware and software during the next five years.
Surrogate decisionmaking for elderly individuals who are incompetent or of questionable competence
This report discusses the problem of decision-making for incompetent or questionably competent elderly people as one of the most serious issues facing Americans.
Composting technologies, costs, programs, and markets
This report provides an overview of the technology of composting which involves three major steps: 1) the preparation of the raw material, 2) the compost process itself, and 3) the grading of the final product.
Developing law on professional standards and peer review in quality assessment activities
This report describes the expanding role of professional standards and peer review activities in health-care quality assessment initiatives. It also describes how some traditional and some new quality assessment activities that involve professional and peer review are either building on or in conflict with existing legal processes and public policy.
Computers and learning: do they work?: a review of research
This report discusses the role of computer in utilizing learning process.
Evaluation of ethical implications of selected alternatives for paying physicians under the Medicare program
This report discusses the effects of changes in Medicare reimbursement methods, examines the ethical considerations, and classifies the alternative payment methods.
Process, Prescience, and Pragmatism: The Office of Technology Assessment
This report discusses the history and function of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) as it stood in November 1989, focusing on the benefit of the OTA's function as a practical analysis tool concerning technological issues.
Report on the treatment of elderly patients by dialysis and transplantation in Europe
This report discusses the EDTA Registry which is an organization that collects information on patients receiving treatment for end stage rental failure by dialysis and transplantation in over 30 countries in mainland Europe and on the Mediterranean seaboard.
An ethical analysis of withdrawal from life-sustaining technologies and assisted death: a report for the Office of Technology Assessment
This report is designated to offer an ethical analysis of decisions to withhold and to withdrew life-sustaining technologies form patients in accord with their wishes and interests.
Evaluating distance learning technology
This report discusses the history of distance learning technology, the number of new and complex technological devices that could be applied to distance learning.
Technology assessment on future developments in life sustaining technologies for elderly
This report discuses ways to sustain or provide and improved quality of life for the elderly, various types of artificial organ technologies that are available and being successfully applies.
Changes in sexual behavior of homosexual and bisexual men since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic
This report discusses Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the ways to prevent those not infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from becoming infected with it.
Payments to physicians in the Permanente Medical Group
This report describes the function of The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) to provide medical care to Health Plan members within the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and their associated medical offices.
The federal regulatory response to the problem of neurotoxicity: a report
This report discusses federal laws applicable to the regulation of potentially neuron-toxic substances that can be divided into three basic categories.
The epidemiology of dementing disorders
This report discusses causes of the dementia, precipitating or aggravating factors, present and projected needs for people and programs to provide services to victims and their families, groups at high risk for these disorders, frequency of unrecognized or inadequately treated cases, and the costs of the disorders, public and private, economic and non-economic.
Japan's science and engineering pipeline: structure, policies, and trends
This report discusses the Japanese higher education graduates in science and engineering. It discusses the work force in these fields and the major structural reforms in the education system.
Financing care for patients with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders
This report discusses the financing for patients with Alzheimer's disease,and policy options.
The evolution of distance learning: technology-mediated interactive learning: a report for the study, "Technologies for learning at a distance", Science, Education, and Transportation Program
This report has two primary goals. One objective is to provide provocative ideas on how emerging forces external to education may shape the future of distance learning. The second purpose is to depict a potential new field, technology-mediated interactive learning, that may result from synthesis of distance learning, cooperative learning, and computer-supported cooperative work.
The effectiveness of AIDS educational programs for intravenous drugs users
The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential effectiveness of “educational” programs for preventing the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS among IV drug users.
The context for exploring workplace monitoring
This report describes the history of monitoring work and the legal framework which applies to employee privacy rights and associate4d issues of worker protection.
The international context of labor-management relations: implications for workplace monitoring
This report explores some of the international developments and notes contrasts with the United States, and some potential lessons with regard to managing the new technology systems of Labor relations and issues relevant to workplace monitoring.
Psychophysiological monitoring: possibilities and prospects
This report describes the present, near, and long term the evolving capabilities for monitoring and interpreting psychophysiological signals and in particular the Event Related Brain Potential (ERP) with particular emphasis on such ERP components as the P300.
The effectiveness of educational programs to help prevent school-age youth from contracting HIV: a review of relevant research
This report reviews the research on AIDS and sex education programs. It examines the more significant studies that have evaluated the actual impact of those programs upon various outcomes, including knowledge, attitudes, skills and sexual behaviors.
Computer networks in elementary and secondary education
This report discusses the power of new tools for teaching and learning
Child maltreatment in the United States: etiology, impact, and prevention
This report starts out with definitions of child abuse and neglect, then it discusses the manifestation, effect and costs of child abuse and neglect, short term and long term.
Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: legal issues: Canada
This report discusses the government financing of health care and life-sustaining technologies in Canada.
The Senior Respite Care Program
This report discusses a community survey of 112 caregivers, may of them Alzheimer's Disease families, that had indicated that their primary need was the ability to get away from their caregiving responsibilities for "a few hours now and then."
Philosophical issues concerning the rights of patients suffering serious permanent dementia
This report discusses the rights of seriously and permanently demented people. Do they have the same right to autonomy, to the beneficence of their custodians, to dignity, and to a minimum level of resources as sick people of normal mental competence have? The emphasis is on extended analysis of various philosophical issues.
Assessing human risks posed by neurotoxic substances: final draft
This report discusses risk assessment as a analytic process by which the nature and magnitude of risk is identified.
Aids and Health Insurance: An OTA Survey
This survey was conducted as part of an Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) assessment on medical testing and health insurance that will be published at a later date. OTA is also monitoring AIDS-related developments for the U.S. Congress, and the survey results are being published by OTA as the second in a series of Staff Papers on AIDS-related issues.
Employee perceptions and supervisory behaviors in clerical VDT work performed on systems that allow electronic monitoring
The purpose of this report is to obtain empirical data about how the potential monitoring capabilities of new office systems technology are, in fact, being taken up by management and reacted to by employees.
Electric power wheeling and dealing: technological considerations for increasing competition: volume II--contractor documents, part C.
This report is to provide the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) with an overview of some of the investment issues affecting the future of the electric power industry in support of OTA's ongoing study on competition in the industry. The paper is organized in three chapters.
Transplantation of adrenal tissue into the nervous system
This report the transplantation of adrenal medullary tissue to the nervous system.
Politics, policy, and China's future course
This report starts out with an overview of China's politics, the post-Mao era. The report continues with China's policy evaluation.
The transfer of western managerial knowledge to China
This report discusses Chinese management, labor productivity, quality of industrial and consumer products, costumer service level, and worker motivation.