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Fast Flux Test Facility Studies Progress Report: April 1965
From abstract: "...limited study work was performed on the conceptual design of the proposed fast flux test facility and information was obtained in important areas of supporting technology."
Geophysical Seismic Evaluation Study at Hanford
From introduction: "In June, 1963, a geophysical research program was conducted at Hanford to determine the feasibility and desirability of using seismic methods in geohydrologic studies. Detection and delineation were desired of seven different geological features that in some sites affect the movement of liquid radioactive wastes discharged to the ground."
Metallurgy Research Operation: Quarterly Progress Report, January - March 1965
Quarterly progress report on a project to test the radiation effects on metallurgy.
INDEX: a Computer Program for Indexing X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns
From introduction: "...a logical system has been developed to yield rapidly the indexing of a given powder pattern by using an electronic computer."
A Sequence for Predicting Waste Transport by Ground Water
From introduction: "This paper describes a sequence for analyzing the effects of ground water flow on waste transport in natural soils."
PRTR second generation shim assembly
From introduction: "This document discusses the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly prototype for use in the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor."
Static Tests of Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum and Carbon Steel
The experiments described in this report were performed for two purposes: (1) to find a chemical, or combination of chemicals, that would be effective for inhibiting corrosion of steel in static portions of the Hanford water systems, and (2) as screening tests to select candidate mixtures for further testing to replace sodium dichromate as the inhibitor of aluminum and steel corrosion in the Hanford single-pass reactor cooling water.