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Procedures for Fabricating Aluminum-Base ATR Fuel Elements
Report concerning the relatively inexpensive fabrication of an aluminum-based fuel element for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's 250-Mw Advanced Test Reactor.
In-Pile Test of Prototype ML-1 Fuel Elements
Report documenting the testing of prototype fuel elements used in a mobile nuclear power plant. Includes descriptions and evaluations of the test.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Radioisotopes Procedures Manual
Manual for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Isotopes Development Center. Includes procedures for the production, storage, and shipment of radioisotopes.
A New Model Concept for Large Nuclear Reactors
Report regarding the computer assisted model for a large nuclear reactor. This includes formulas and relevant procedures.
Welding Plutonium-Containing Fuel Elements
Report discussing the manual and automatic welding techniques for fuel elements containing plutonium with Zircaloy-2 aluminum, and stainless steel cladding, 0.013 to 0.0889 cm (0.005 to 0.350 in.) thick" (p. 3).
Electronuclear Research Division Annual Progress Report, December 31, 1963
Report containing ongoing research and development taking place at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Electronuclear Division.
Physics Division Annual Progress Report, January 31, 1964
Report containing ongoing research and development of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Physics Division.
Graphite Burnout Monitoring: Part 1, Monitor Preparation and Handling Techniques
Report that describes graphite oxidation monitors and their proper storage and handling, as well as the losses encountered when moving the monitors between the laboratory and the reactor.
Thin Wall Tubing Tests Using Ultrasonic Shear Waves: Part 2 - Production Test Equipment, Its Operation and Test Results
Report describing Hanford Laboratories' second report regarding thin wall tubing tests. This part covers "the production [of] test equipment developed, its operation, and test results" (p. 2).