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Coastal Cliff Sediments, San Diego Region, Dana Point to the Mexican Border
From Summary: This study documents the temporally episodic cliff and bluff erosion occurs; namely, at San Onofre State Park, Camp Joseph Pendleton Marine Reservation, and Torrey Pines City and State Parks.
Fourier Grain-Shape and Mineralogic Analyses of Coastal and Inner Shelf Sand Samples: Dana Point to the United-States-Mexico Border
From introduction: The principal purpose of this report is to determine the local sediment sources of beach sand samples from the Oceanside, Mission Beach, and Silver Strand littoral cells.
Coastal Cliff Sediments, San Diego Region, Dana Point to the Mexican Border (1887 to 1947)
From Summary: These studies document the temporally episodic and areally site-specific character of subaerial erosion, which is shown to be directly related to prevailing meteorologic conditions.
River Sediment Discharge Study, San Diego Region
The purpose of this study is to estimate the sediment delivery to the coast from streams and watersheds draining to the California Coast in the San Diego Region.
Sand Thickness Survey Report, October - November, 1987, San Diego Region
From introduction: This report documents the methodologies and results of a near-shore sand thickness survey.
State of the Coast Report, San Diego Region: [Summary Report]
From introduction: The major objectives of the study are to collect new data to quantify sediment sources, sinks, and transport characteristics, review historical data to quantify and interpret past shoreline changes, perform computer modelling of coastal processes, and provide public coordination and data management.