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Monazite in Part of the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain
From abstract: "Sediments of the inner part of the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain have been sampled and examined for monazite." The report provides sections on general geology, field and laboratory methods, distribution of monazite, and other mineral products.
Monazite in Atlantic Shore-Line Features
From abstract: "This report is a survey of present and potential production of monazite from part of the Maryland-Florida section of the Atlantic Coastal Plain."
Progress Report of Southeastern Monazite Exploration, 1952
Report about monzanite placers in streams of the western part of the Piedmont in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The objective of the report is to describe local monazite deposits, to determine geologic controls of monazite placers in the southeastern Piedmont, and to evaluate placer potentialities of the area.
Resources of Thorium and Uranium in Monazite Placers in the Western Piedmont, North Carolina and South Carolina
Abstract: "Monazite placers in the western Piedmont of North and South Carolina were explored by the U. S. Geological Survey in 1951-54 and are estimated to contain at least 53,000 short tons of ThO2 and 4,600 short tons of U3O8. None of these deposits is being mined."