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Reconnaissance for Uraniferous Lignites in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming
From introduction: This report details the reconnaissance for uraniferous lignites in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming during 1948 and 1949.
Reconnaissance for Uraniferous Lignites in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming
Report discussing a geological study performed to find uraniferous lignites in North Dakota, Eastern Montana, north-central Wyoming, and northwestern South Dakota. "Deposits of uraniferous lignites were discovered at Blue Buttes, eastern Montana; and at North Cave Hills, South Cave Hills, and at Slim Buttes in northwestern South Dakota."
Uranium-Bearing Lignite and its Relation to the White River and Arikaree Formations in Northwestern South Dakota and Adjacent States
From introduction: The purpose of the study is to evaluate the economic possibilities of radioactive lignites and to determine the geologic factors controlling the accumulation of uranium in lignite.
Uranium-Bearing Lignite in Southwestern North Dakota
Report discussing a study in which uranium-bearing lignite was mapped and sampled in the Bullion Butte, Sentinel Butte, HT Butte, and Chalky Buttes areas in southwestern North Dakota.
Geology of the Williston Basin, North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota, with Reference to Subsurface Disposal of Radioactive Wastes
From introduction: This report evaluates four possible types of subsurface reservoirs for radioactive wastes in the Williston basin.
Laboratory Study of Uranium-Bearing Lignite from Western North Dakota and South Dakota
From abstract: "Laboratory studies of uraniferous coal were started in connection with explorational core drilling in 1951. The cores were described and used for coal analyses, for determinations of uranium and other mineral elements, and for microscopical investigations. Results of microscopical studies are feature in this report."
Reconnaissance for Trace Elements in North Dakota and Eastern Montana
From abstract: A reconnaissance for sources of radioactive material in North Dakota and eastern Montana was made in 1948. This reconnaissance was followed by a more detailed survey of parts of Golden Valley and Slope counties, southwestern North Dakota, in June 1949. The radioactivity of representative sections of all formations known to be exposed in the area and of three manganiferous spring deposits was determined with portable Geiger-Mueller counters. At 86 localities 82 samples were taken of these formations and also of 10 ground and surface waters.
Results of Core Drilling of Uranium-Bearing Lignite Deposits in Harding and Perkins Counties, South Dakota, and Bowman County, North Dakota
Purpose: The main objective of the Dakota core drilling program was to determine reserves of uraniferous lignite based on chemical uranium and spectrographic determinations from unweathered samples, particularly from those areas where surface sampling of the beds during the previous field season indicated that significant deposits of uranium-bearing lignite might be present. A secondary objective was to obtain fresh samples and to measure the radioactivity of the overlying Oligocene White River and Miocene Arikaree formations from which the uranium in lignite is believed to have been derived.