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Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Chanaral-Taltal area, Provinces of Antofagasta and Atacama, Chile
Abstract: In the ChaƱaral-Taltal area of northern Chile irregular replacement type iron deposits are especially well developed along a somewhat radioactive lithologic belt in andesite volcanic rocks and Cretaceous dioretic intrusions to the east of the Atacama fault, a prominent shear zone.
Hydrogeochemical Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Stanley Area, South-Central Idaho
Introduction: The purpose of this project was to: (1) investigate the applicability of hydrogrochemical techniques to uranium exploration in the Stanley area; and (2) make a hydrogeochemical reconnaissance survey of the Basin Creek mining district and surrounding area as a step toward evaluation of the uranium potential.
Reconnaissance for Uranium in the San Pedro de Atacama and Laco areas, Province of Antofagasta, Chile
Abstract: A reconnaissance for uranium in and a general geologic study of the San Pedro de Atacama and Laco areas of nothern Chile disclosed no significant radioactivity in the Laco area, but near San Pedro de Atacama slight anomalies were detected in limey silts of the San Pedro formation.