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Preliminary Drilling in the Powder River Basin, Converse, Campbell, and Johnson Counties, Wyoming
Abstract: On July 16, 1953, a diamond core-drilling program was begun in the Pumpkin Buttes area to secure geologic information.
Notes on the Relationship of Uranium Mineralization and Rhyolite in the Marysvale Area, Utah
From abstract: A study, consisting of field and laboratory work, was undertaken in an endeavor to establish possible structural mineralization controls associated with the copper-uranium occurrences in the Willaha area, Coconino County, Arizona. Uranium mineralization, apparent at present, is localized along small fissures and vugs and in certain beds and lenses of the middle member of the Kaibab formation(Permian). It is associated with copper and iron oxide staining. Though no definite ore controls were disclosed by this study, at least a limited program of shallow drilling is warranted on the property. This sub-surface exploration should determine possible extensions of known mineralized areas, explore surface radiometric anomalies, and provide data for the determination of possible guides to ore. Deeper exploration may encounter mineralization in other horizons of the Kaibab limestone.
Airborne Radiometric Reconnaissance in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming
Abstract: A program of airborne radiometric reconnaissance for uranium was conducted in eastern Fremont and western Natrona Counties, in central Wyoming, during the summer and fall of 1954, by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Uinta Basin of Colorado and Utah
Abstract: Weak uranium mineralization is widespread throughout the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado, in rocks ranging in age from Permian to Eocene. No commercial ore bodies are known, although formations there have characteristics elsewhere considered favorable for ore deposition.
Uranium Occurrences of Gila County, Arizona
From purpose and scope: This report is designed to summarize the available information on the geology and ore reserves of the uranium deposits. Detailed geological work has been confined largely to those areas which contain the more promising uranium occurrences with at least 80 percent of such work being concentrated in the Sierra Ancha district.
Uranium Occurrences of Gila County, Arizona, Index Map of Uranium Occurrences
Supplementary data containing an index map of uranium occurrences in Gila County to accompany a report on U.S. uranium resources in Gila County, Arizona.