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Nitride Fuels for Fast Breeder Reactors: Fuel Cycle Considerations
This report follows a study that was made to develop comparative fuel cycle costs for nitride and carbide fuels in a 1000 MWe sodium-cooled fast-breeder reactor.
Dibutyl Carbitol Solvent Extraction of Polonium-210 from Nitric Acid Solutions of Irradiated Bismuth
Abstract: "A continuous countercurrent solvent extraction process utilizing dibutyl carbitol as the extractant has been developed for separating 210Po from large amounts of associated bismuth. Both laboratory and pilot plant data demonstrate the process is a suitable headend step in recovery of kilogram quantities of 210Po. Typically, the extraction process recovers over 98% of the 210Po, essentially free from bismuth (Bi DF>1500), in a dilute HNO3 solution suitable as a starting material for final concentration and purification steps."