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A Survey of Some Los Alamos County Canyons for Radioactive Contamination, Spring 1953 to Spring 1955
Abstract: This document is a survey analysis of soil samples from Los Alamos, Pueblo, Bayo, and Mortandad canyons to determine the presence and activities of radioactive contaminants. Also included are the results of analyses of a few samples of grass and of surface water. This survey covers the period from spring 1953 to spring 1955.
Air, Precipitation, and Surface Contamination at Certain Localities in New Mexico from Operation Teapot, Spring 1955
The following report describes the findings of air samplings taken that followed the Wasp detonation of Operation Teapot.
The Wind Variability of Fall-Out Patterns
The following report investigates part of the variability of the computed fall-out intensity patterns due to the variability of the winds, on the basis of winds from four Pacific shot days. An extreme case from Operation Sandstone is also considered.