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Chapter 3. Management Measures for Forestry
A chapter which specifies management measures to protect coastal waters from silvicultural sources of non point pollution. Contains ten management measures that address various phases of forestry operations.
Chapter 4: Management Measures for Urban Areas
This chapter addresses six major categories of sources of urban non point pollution that affect surface waters. Each category is given a management measure.
Chapter 5: Management Measures for Marinas and Recreational Boating
This chapter addresses categories of sources of nonpoint pollution from marinas and recreational boating that affect coastal waters.
Chapter 6: Management Measures for Hydromodification: Channelization and Channel Modification, Dams, and Streambank and Shoreline Erosion
This chapter addresses three categories of sources of nonpoint pollution from hydromodification activities that affect coastal waters.
Chapter 7: Management Measures for Wetlands, Riparian Areas, and Vegetated Treatment Systems
This chapter contains management measures that address multiple categories of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution that affect coastal waters. These pollutants include sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, and temperature.
Chapter 8: Monitoring and Tracking Techniques to Accompany Management Measures
This chapter describes monitoring methods that can be used to measure changes in pollutant loads and water quality.
Chapter 2: Management Measures for Agriculture Sources
This is the second chapter for the CZARA.
Guidance Specifying Management Measures For Sources of Nonpoint Pollution in Coastal Waters: Chapter 1. Introduction
This is the introduction chapter for the 1990 CZARA.