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Jamaica: Background and U.S. Relations
This report discusses Jamaica's social, political, and economic environment, as well as the country's relationship with the U.S.
Jamaica: Political and Economic Conditions and U.S. Relations
Although Jamaica has a stable parliamentary democracy and is a middle-income developing country, the government of Prime Minister P.J. Patterson faces several significant challenges. These include a violent crime wave fueled by gangs and drug trafficking; high external debt, estimated at 135% of gross domestic product, that could constrain the government’s social expenditures; and an adult HIV/AIDS infection rate of over 1%. This report discusses U.S. relations with Jamaica, which are close and characterized by significant economic linkages and cooperation on such bilateral issues as anti-drug trafficking measures, hurricane reconstruction support, and efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic.
USAID/Jamaica Community-Based Policing Assistance Progress Report
A report about USAID and its participation in Jamaican policing.
Roselle: Its Culture and Uses
Report discussing and promoting the cultivation of the roselle plant -- a species of hibiscus -- in the United States. Topics discussed include varieties of roselle, helpful fertilizers, harvesting practices, uses, and common diseases and insect enemies.