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Growing peanuts.
A guide to growing, harvesting, and selling peanuts. Includes descriptions of peanut varieties.
Irrigating corn.
Describes the benefits of irrigating corn to enable corn farming in arid and semiarid regions, and to increase yields in humid regions.
Growing alfalfa.
Describes methods for successfully growing alfalfa, including insect and disease control.
Apple scald and its control.
Describes apple scald, the damage and losses it causes, and methods for control.
Potato production in the northeastern and north central states.
A guide to growing and selling potatoes in the northeastern and north central United States.
Managing winter sheep range for greater profit.
Describes how to manage winter sheep in the western United States in order to increase production and profits.
Keep Your Tile Drains Working.
Discusses tile drain maintenance, including remedies for common problems; describes the risks associated with poor maintenance.
Cereal smuts and their control.
Describes the most important and most common cereal smuts in the United States; also describes how to recognize and control diseases caused by smuts.
Shortleaf pine.
Describes methods of soil building and intensive soil cultivation that lessen the need for clearing new land for crop production. Discusses ways to use timber as a source for farm income.
American foulbrood of honey bees : how to control it.
Discusses American foul brood, a disease caused by a spore that infects bee larvae. Describes how to diagnose and control the disease. Lists the types of bees resistant to the disease.
Farm fences.
Describes the varieties, the cost, and the construction of fences and fence posts.
How to grow longleaf pine.
Describes the characteristics of the longleaf pine and the methods for successfully growing the trees.
The Farmer's Share of the Consumer's Food Dollar.
Describes the retail cost of food compared to the amount of money a farmer receives for it, including the cost of transportation.
Insects and diseases of the pecan and their control.
Describes the characteristics of insects that are damaging to the pecan tree, and methods for their control.
Care and management of dairy bulls.
Describes the special care and handling required for managing dairy bulls. Provides recommendations for housing, exercise, service, buying and selling, handling, and treatment of feet and horns.
Sagebrush burning : good and bad.
Describes best practices for burning sagebrush and the grazing management to be used after burning to improve the production of forage on rangelands.
Controlling Sagebrush on Range Lands.
Discusses various methods of controlling sagebrush; also describes regrassing and details benefits of doing so.
Plowing with moldboard plows.
Describes various types of plows, including horse plows and tractor plows, and plow attachments. Explains plow adjustments and clean plowing practices.
Fire Departments for Rural Communities: How to Organize and Operate Them.
Provides steps to take for organizing, adopting, and maintaining fire departments in rural communities.
Insect pests of the peach in the eastern states.
Describes the life cycles and characteristics of insects that threaten peach trees in the eastern United States.
Corrugation Irrigation.
Describes the corrugation irrigation process and explains how to implement this layout to irrigate close-growing crops.
A Rounded-Corner Hutch for Rabbits.
Provides a layout and instructions for building a rounded-corner hutch for rabbits.
Expansible Farmhouse: Frame.
Provides a floor plan and description of an expansible frame farmhouse.
Expansible Farmhouse: Masonry.
Provides the floor plan and description of an expansible masonry farmhouse.
Farmhouse: Split-Level Expansible.
Summarizes a design and floor plan for a split-level farmhouse. Includes illustrations and photographs of the exterior and interior of the house.
Breeds of chickens for meat and egg production.
Describes the characteristics of the different breeds of chicken that are used for the production of meat and eggs.
Ornamental and game breeds of chickens.
Describes unique and rare breeds of chickens that are often noted for their distinct characteristics.
Poultry keeping in backyards.
Provides advice for keeping a small backyard poultry flock under a variety of conditions. Includes suggestions for choosing suitable breeds, housing, feeding, and sanitary requirements.
An American-type cheese : how to make it for home use.
Steps for making cheese at home.