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Chemoreception in Loggerhead Sea Turtles: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Chemical Deterrents to Prevent Sea Turtle Interactions with Longline Fishing Gear

Description: From introduction: The following document presents results from a series of studies designed and conducted to assess the chemosensory abilities of loggerhead turtles and explores the feasibility of using chemical deterrents to present sea turtles from interacting with longline fishing gear.
Date: July 2007
Creator: Southwood, Amanda; Higgins, Benjamin; Brill, Richard & Swimmer, Yonat

Linking Hawaii Fisherman Reported Commercial Bottomfish Catch Data to Potential Bottomfish Habitat and Proposed Restricted Fishing Areas using GIS and Spatial Analysis

Description: From executive summary: This report outlines an effort to spatially link commercial bottomfish catch data from the State of Hawaii Fisherman Reporting System with potential adult bottomfish habitat and restricted fishing areas as proposed by the State of Hawaii and the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council.
Date: September 2007
Creator: Parke, Michael

Shark Deterrent and Incidental Capture Workshop April 10-11, 2008

Description: From executive summary: This report summarizes findings reported by scientists at a Shark Deterrent and Incidental Capture Workshop cosponsored by the Consortium of Wildlife Bycatch Reduction, the New England Aquarium, and NOAA PIFSC...this report is meant to evaluate methods to monitor and reduce shark bycatch.
Date: November 2008
Creator: Swimmer, Yonat; Wang, John H. & McNaughton, Lianne

Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum)

Description: Report on the status of bumphead parrotfish in relation to their status in accordance to the Endangered Species Act. The Team finds that there is a low plausibility of bumphead parrotfish being driven to extinction.
Date: September 2011
Creator: Kobayashi, Donald; Friedlander, Alan; Grimes, Churchill; Nichols, Ryan & Zgliczynski, Brian

2006 Sea Turtle and Pelagic Fish Sensory Physiology Workshop, September 12-13, 2006

Description: From summary: This report summarizes the findings reported by collaborating scientists at the 4th Sea Turtle and Pelagic Fish Sensory Physiology Workshop hosted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences Eastern Shore Laboratory in Wachapregue, Virginia during September 12-13, 2006...The primary objective of the research is to develop techniques and/or commercially viable devices that eliminate or substantially reduce interactions of sea turtles with longline fishing gear while not reducing catch rates of the targeted fish species to unacceptable levels.
Date: October 2007
Creator: Swimmer, Yonat & Wang, John H.

Development and Testing of Two Towed Volumetric Hydrophone Array Prototypes to Improve Localization Accuracy During Shipboard Line-transect Cetacean Surveys

Description: The following document presents the result of a project aimed at improving the hydrodynamics of the volumetric array design for towing at faster speeds of 10 knots from large research vessels. The document explains the theory behind the design considerations for each prototype presented, sea trial results and subsequent modifications, and discuss improvements for future designs.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Barkley, Yvonne; Barlow, Jay; Rankin, Shannon; D'Spain, Gerald & Oleson, Erin

Hawaii Longline Fishermen's Experiences with the Observer Program

Description: From introduction: This report describes a subset of the results from a socio-cultural study of fishermen in the Hawaii-based longline fleet. The broader study, conducted in 2003-2004, was designed to compile a social profile of the longline fishing industry of Hawaii and provide information about its participants to decision makers.
Date: February 2007
Creator: Allen, Stewart D.

Evaluation of Time-area Closures to Reduce Incidental Sea Turtle Take in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery: Generalized Additive Model (GAM) Development and Retrospective Examination

Description: This report documents a series of steps taken at the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center in response to the Order issued by Chief U.S. District Court Judge David Alan Ezra, District of Hawaii, in the case of CMC et al. versus NMFS et al.; CIVIL BO. 99-00152; dated November 23, 1999, to complete an analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution of interactions between Hawaii-based longline vessels and sea turtles to determine time and area closures that would provide the greatest benefit to the turtles.
Date: March 2005
Creator: Kobayashi, Donald R. & Polovina, Jeffrey J.

Injury Determinations for Cetaceans Observed Interacting with Hawaii and American Samoa Longline Fisheries during 2007-2011

Description: The following report presents reports of interactions between the cetaceans with Hawaii and American Samoa longline fisheries. Compiled here are injury and death reports concerning the dolphin as a summary of the mortality rates and injury severity observed during interactions.
Date: January 2014
Creator: Bradford, Amanda L. & Forney, Karin A.

A Workshop on Methods to Estimate Total and Natural Mortality Rates Using Mean Lenght Observations and Life History Parameters

Description: The following report presents the results of a workshop on the topic of estimating total and natural mortality rates in data-limited stock assessment situations. The workshop was held by the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) and the Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC).
Date: June 2012
Creator: Brodziak, Jon; Gedamke, Todd; Porch, Clay; Walter, John; Courtney, Dean; O'Malley, Joseph et al.

Report of the Sea Turtle Longline Fishery Post-release Mortality Workshop, November 15-16, 2011

Description: This report produces the results of a workshop held by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). This workshop was meant to review information to determine if the current NMFS' criteria should be modified, objectives including the review of the current NMFS' criteria for sea turtle post-release mortality estimates; to identify, review, and assess relevant research conducted after the 2004 expert workshop; and to discuss the potential effects of hook design and size on injury and mortality.
Date: August 2012
Creator: Swimmer, Yonat & Gilman, Eric

Estimation of Hawaiian Monk Seal Corruption in Relation to Ecosystem Biomass and Overlap with Fisheries in the Main Hawaiian Islands

Description: This report analyzes the possible effects of the rehabilitation of Hawaiian monk seals and how their increase in numbers will affect the ecosystem and our fisheries. The document takes into account conclusions that overestimate potential monk seal impacts, and underestimate potential impacts of human extraction on monk seals.
Date: August 2013
Creator: Sprague, Rachel; Littnan, Charles & Walters, Jeffrey

Pilot Study to Incorporate Validation Procedures in the State of Hawaii Commercial Marine License Reporting Program for Charter Fishing Boats (For-Hire Sector)

Description: From executive summary: The following report was meant to document the Hawaii charter fishing (for hire) sector's level of compliance with the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (HDAR) commercial fishing reporting system and to identify possible changes to improve the system.
Date: December 2013
Creator: Ma, Hongguang; Hamm, David & Allen, Stewart

Spillover Effects of Environmental Regulation for Sea Turtle Protection: The Case of the Hawaii Shallow-set Longline Fishery

Description: From introduction: This report presents a study on the spillover effects, also termed "transfer effects", resulting from proposed regulatory changes for the Hawaii longline fishery specifically for swordfish...This study evaluates whether, and to what extent, spillover effects may occur when regulatory changes decrease the allowable fishing activities in the Hawaii shallow-set longline fishery for swordfish.
Date: January 2012
Creator: Chan, Hing Ling & Pan, Minling

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands as a Fishing Community

Description: From introduction and purpose: This report describes the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) as a fishing community. We have tried to strike a balance between the report being concise enough to be useful while covering the full range of topics and issues necessary to describe CNMI as a fishing community...This report will be updated periodically as social, economic, and environmental conditions change and fishermen and fisheries management adapt to those changes.
Date: November 2012
Creator: Allen, Stewart D. & Amesbury, Judith R.

Institutional Analysis of Community-based Marine Resource Management Initiatives in Hawai'i and American Samoa

Description: From executive summary: This document provides and analysis of two fisheries policies designed to develop community-based marine research management insitutions in the Western Pacific Region of the United States as delineated in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.
Date: November 2012
Creator: Richmond, Laurie & Levine, Arielle