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Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Washington: Final Report, Volume 1. Instrumentation and Methods

Description: From abstract: The objective of the work was to define areas showing surface indications of a generally higher uranium content where detailed exploration for uranium would most likely be successful.
Date: March 1979
Creator: Texas Instruments Incorporated

NURE Aerial Gamma Ray and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, Final Report: Volume 1, Instrumentation and Data Reduction

Description: From abstract: As part of the Department of Energy (DOE) National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program, a rotary-wing high sensitivity radiometric and magnetic survey was flown covering portions of the State of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The survey encompassed six 1:250,000 scale quadrangles, Holbrook, El Paso, Las Cruces, Carlsbad, Fort Sumner and Roswell.
Date: September 1981
Creator: Carson Helicopters, Inc.

Design of a Groundwater Sampling Network for Minnesota

Description: From introduction: This folio was compiled to facilitate the use of groundwater as a sampling medium to aid in exploration for hitherto undiscovered deposits of uranium in the subsurface rocks of Minnesota. The report consists of the following sheets of the hydrogeologic map of Minnesota: 1) map of bedrock hydrogeology, 2) generalized cross sections of the hydrogeologic map of Minnesota, showing both Quaternary deposits and bedrock, 3) map of waterwells that penetrate Precambrian rocks in Minnesota. A list of these wells, showing locations, names of owners, type of Precambrian aquifers penetrated, lithologic material of the aquifers, and well depths is provided in the appendix to this report.
Date: January 1978
Creator: Kanivetsky, Roman

Geology and Uranium Evaluation of the Precambrian Quartz-Pebble Conglomerates of the Needle Mountains, Southwest Colorado: Final Report

Description: From purpose of study: The Vallecito Conglomerate of the Needle Mountains area in southwestern Colorado was studied to evaluate the uranium potential of the unit and to test the applicability of the uraniferous Precambrian pebble-conglomerate exploration model in this area. The main thrust of this project is the Vallecito Conglomerate, but the Uncompahgre Formation, which is also in the Needle Mountains area has basal conglomerate that was investigated in a reconnaissance mode. Five specific objectives have been formulated to meet the overall purpose of this project, and these include: a) Determine the uranium distribution in the Vallecito Conglomerate and the basal conglomerate of the Uncompahgre Formation. b) Evaluate the uranium resources of the area to the degree possible utilizing available information and personal field investigations. c) Test the validity of application of the Precambrian quartz-pebble conglomerate model to this area. d) Recommend detailed studies and delineate drilling sites in the area to further evaluate the uranium resources if warranted. e) Recommend additional geologic, geophysical and geochemical studies which would bear directly on evaluation of uranium resources of the Precambrian pebble conglomerates in the Needle Mountains area.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Burns, L. K.; Ethridge, Frank G.; Tyler, N.; Gross, A. S. & Campo, A. M.