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Static Tests of Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum and Carbon Steel

Description: The experiments described in this report were performed for two purposes: (1) to find a chemical, or combination of chemicals, that would be effective for inhibiting corrosion of steel in static portions of the Hanford water systems, and (2) as screening tests to select candidate mixtures for further testing to replace sodium dichromate as the inhibitor of aluminum and steel corrosion in the Hanford single-pass reactor cooling water.
Date: February 1965
Creator: Richman, R. B.

PRTR second generation shim assembly

Description: From introduction: "This document discusses the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly prototype for use in the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor."
Date: November 1964
Creator: Rasmussen, D. E.

Geophysical Seismic Evaluation Study at Hanford

Description: From introduction: "In June, 1963, a geophysical research program was conducted at Hanford to determine the feasibility and desirability of using seismic methods in geohydrologic studies. Detection and delineation were desired of seven different geological features that in some sites affect the movement of liquid radioactive wastes discharged to the ground."
Date: December 1964
Creator: Brown, Ruth E. & Raymond, John R.

GCRE Critical-Assembly Studies

Description: This report follows critical-assembly studies made to provide engineering and physics data to aid in developing the Gas Cooled Reactor Experiments.
Date: September 10, 1958
Creator: Dingee, David A.; Ballowe, William C.; Klingensmith, Raymond W.; Egen, R. A.; Jankowski, Francis J. & Chastain, Joel W.

The Effect of Fabrication Variables on the Structure and Properties of UO₂-Stainless Steel Dispersion Fuel Plates

Description: From introduction: "This report deals with a part of the research and development studies which preceded the manufacture of fuel elements for the Gas Cooled Reactor Experiment (GCRE)." The studies evaluate the effects of varying the type and size of UO2 particles, stainless steel matrix powders, blending procedures, compacting pressures, sintering times, temperatures and atmospheres, roll-cladding temperatures and reduction rates, total cold reduction, and heat-treating times and temperatures has been made for UO2 stainless steel dispersion fuel elements."
Date: February 18, 1959
Creator: Paprocki, Stan J.; Keller, Donald L. & Cunningham, G. W.

Final Report on Purification of Thorium Nitrate by Solvent Extraction With Tributyl Phosphate: 1. Laboratory Investigations

Description: Report discussing laboratory investigations of thorium nitrate purification. Batch equilibrium data, solubility data, viscosity data, density data, and the results seven batch countercurrent extraction tests and two selective stripping tests are included.
Date: July 31, 1952
Creator: Ewing, R. A.; Fishel, J. B.; Kiehl, S. J., Jr.; Sharpe, R. E. & Bearse, A. E.

Evaluation of Reactor Core Materials for a Gas-Cooled Reactor Experiment

Description: From introduction: "On February 1, 1956, Batelle was awarded a contract by the Army Reactor Branch (ARB) to select, develop, and test core materials which could be used successfully in conducting a Gas Cooled Reactor Experiment (GCRE). The prime objective of the GCRE would be to evaluate small portable reactor systems for military application...The present report is concerned with the GCRE activities at Batelle during approximately the 7 months' period following the first report of this series, BMI-1133. It is primarily concerned with a detailed evaluation of the reference materials as well as of the impact of one material upon the other."
Date: July 11, 1957
Creator: Keller, Donald L.

A Study of Thorium-Base Alloys

Description: Report discussing studies testing various thorium alloys consisting of either Ames thorium and up to 5% of various additions or Ames thorium and up to 50% uranium. Effects of molybdenum additions for fusion welding, and cold-work strengthening were also tested. Methods, experimental data, and discussion is included.
Date: December 26, 1951
Creator: Goldhoff, R. M.; Ogden, Horace R. & Jaffee, Robert Isaac

Final Report on Purification of Thorium Nitrate by Solvent Extraction With Tributyl Phosphate: 2. Mixer-Settler Pilot Plant Investigations

Description: From abstract: "This report describes the construction and operation of a mixer-settler pilot plant for the purification of mantle-grade thorium nitrate. The liquid-liquid extraction process utilized 30% tributyl phosphate - 70% 'Solvesso-100' as the organic solvent and nitric acid as the salting agent. Continuous steady-state operation of the equipment was demonstrated, with very good recovery of thorium."
Date: July 31, 1952
Creator: Burkhart, C. A.; Foley, D. D.; Retzke, F. A.; Filbert, Robert B., Jr. & Clegg, John W.