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Geology and Mineralization of Hunt's Mesa, Monument Valley, Arizona, Navajo County with Recommendations for Exploration Drilling

Description: Abstract: Hunt's Mesa was examined on June 2 and 3, 1951, by the writer assisted by R. C. Cutter. Two channels were located and studied. Outcrops of the channels are mineralized, the mineralization being of the copper-uranium variety. There are indications that an appreciable quantity of ore can be found by exploration drilling. A program of 25,000 feet of wagon drilling is recommended.
Date: June 20, 1951
Creator: Chester, John W.

Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Southern Carrizo Mountains, Apache County, Arizona

Description: Purpose: A reconnaissance was conducted during parts of August and September, 1956, of an area about two miles square in the southern Carrizo Mountains where the Permian Cutler formation, including its DeChelly member, and the Triassic Shinarump member of the Chinle formation, are exposed. The purpose was to appraise the uranium potential of the area and to determine the cause of bleaching in the DeChelly. Extensive uranium mineralization in the Salt Wash member of the Morrison formation around the Carrizo Mountaind suggested that the Shinarump, a good producer in other areas on the Colorado Plateau, might be mineralized here as well. Bleaching, as shown in the DeChelly; has proven such a useful guide to uranium at other localities as to merit investigation here.
Date: February 20, 1957
Creator: Labrecque, Ronald A.