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Geology and Drilling Recommendations Oak Spring Area Apache County, Arizona, and San Juan County, New Mexico

Description: Abstract: Uranium ore deposits on two exposed rims and past production records of tonnage and grade indicate an exploration program is justified in the Oak Springs area. A minimum of 24,000 feet of core drilling is recommended with a maximum of 75,000 feet to be based on favorability as determined by subsurface studies.
Date: April 3, 1952
Creator: Swanson, Melvin A. & Hatfield, Kenneth G.

A Preliminary Investigation of Triassic Rocks in the Lukachukai Mountains, Arizona

Description: Abstract: During the summer of 1955, two test holes were drilled into the Triassic Chinle Formation in the Lukachukai Mountains near Cove, Arizona, to obtain geologic information. Brief airborne and ground reconnaissance was made of Triassic outcrops near Cove. No anomalous radioactivity was found in the test holes, but chemical tests showed concentrations of heavy metals in conglomerate lenses in the Chinle Formation. Channel sandstones in the middle part of the Petrified Forest Member appear to be the most favorable for mineralization. The Shinarump Member, here underlain by a permeable unit, and occurring at depths greater than 500 feet, appears less promising for uranium exploration.
Date: December 3, 1956
Creator: Kosatka, Raymond F.