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Evaluation of Uranium Potential in Selected Pennsylvanian and Permian Units and Igneous Rocks in Southwestern and Southern Oklahoma: Final Report

Description: Introduction: The areas of study include parts of the Wichita uplift, Arbuckle uplift, Hunton-Pauls Valley uplift, Central Oklahoma platform, Muenster-Waurika arch, and Anadarko basin (Fig. 1.1-1). Rocks examined include the Precambrian granite of the Arbuckle uplift, Cambrian igneous rocks of the Wichita uplift, and Pennsylvanian-Permian sedimentary rocks derived in large part from those two uplifts and, to a lesser extent, from the Ouachita system.
Date: June 15, 1977
Creator: Al-Shaieb, Zuhair; Shelton, John W.; Donovan, R. Nowell; Hanson, Richard E. & May, Richard T.