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Standard Practices Guide for Writing Experimental Operating Manuals

Description: This is a sample operating manual designed to aid experimenters in writing operating manuals for MTR and ETR experiments. It contains what is felt to be the necessary information for operating a particular experiment. One of the main functions of an operating manual is to provide quick reference to material needed in an emergency. It is believed this type of manual provides the required information without an excessive amount of bulky, surplus material.
Date: December 15, 1958
Creator: Ford, J. D.

Hazards Analysis of the Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment

Description: Introduction: The description of the Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment, (OMRE), its location, its safety system, and operative procedures have been previously detailed. The present report, although dealing with the subject of OMRE safety, has the more detailed intent of (1) determining the behavior of the OMRE under extremely unlikely sets of conditions; and (2) providing additional design information in the areas of reactivity coefficients, burnout heat flux, and reactor control.
Date: December 15, 1959
Creator: Williams, R. O., Jr.; Allen, W. O.; Ash, E. B.; Scott, W. W.; Shimazaki, T. T.; Sletten, H. L. et al.

Piqua Nuclear Power Facility Operations Analysis Program Progress Report Number 4: January-June 1964

Description: Progress report for the Piqua Reactor Operations Analysis Program describing observations and analyses at the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility (PNPF). The program goals are to monitor operations and collect data in order to ensure that the plant's operation is safe, to improve design and performance, to evaluate the performance and lifetime of the plant's components and systems, to evaluate plant safety and safeguards, and to disseminate all information to the scientific community.
Date: December 15, 1964
Creator: Cole, H. S.; Hausknecht, D. F.; Jenkins, O. G., Jr.; Lew, D. E.; Mandel, H.; Pearson, E. N. et al.

Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Survey Tularosa National Topographic Map, Nex Mexico: Volume 1

Description: From Operational Program: This final report includes a general geologic description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and correlates the airborne data to the geologic units as provided by the geologic maps. Also included is a frequency distribution study of the data as a function of the geologic units encountered over the NTMS area including the tie line data.
Date: December 15, 1978
Creator: United States. Department of Energy. Grand Junction Office.

Research on Reactor Waste Disposal: (Information Report)

Description: Report discussing research on the disposal of radioactive waste, specifically second-cycle waste and first-cycle neutralized waste. "In the absence of established environmental tolerances, the investigation reported herein have been directed for the most part in developing general methods of removing radioactivity from certain waste solutions to as low a value as practical."
Date: December 15, 1950
Creator: Lowe, C. S.; McEwen, M.; Mead, F. C., Jr. & Orban, Edward

The Vanadium-Uranium Constitutional Diagram

Description: Abstract: "Vanadium-uranium equilibrium studies were made on alloys prepared from high-purity vanadium and good biscuit uranium. No intermetallic phases occur in the system. Additions of vanadium lover the uranium melting point and transformations producing a eutectic at 1240 +/- 5 C and eutectoid reactions at 727 +/- 5 and 652 +/- 5 C. The maximum solubility of uranium in vanadium is about 4 atomic per cent (15 weight per cent)."
Date: December 15, 1951
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Rough, Frank A.