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Late Paleozoic Structure of the Southern Part of the Uinta Basin, Utah, From Seismic Reflection Data

Description: From abstract: Seismic reflection data from the southern part of the Uinta basin near Price, Utah reveal a network of late Paleozoic faults that produced abrupt variations in stratigraphic thicknesses in a structurally complex 30-mi-wide northwest-southeast-trending trough.
Date: 1991
Creator: Potter, Christopher J.; Tang, Rex & Hainsworth, Timothy J.

Middle Cretaceous Stratigraphy on the South and East Sides of the Uinta Basin, Northeastern Utah and Northwestern Colorado

Description: From abstract: Middle Cretaceous rocks (Aptian to Coniacian) on the south side of the Uinta Basin include the nonmarine Cedar Mountain Formation and Dakota Sandstone and the lower part of the overlying marine Mancos Shale. This report examines the rocks contained within this area of the basin.
Date: 1991
Creator: Molenaar, C. M. & Cobban, William Aubrey

Mineral Resources of the Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area, Kane County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area, in central Kane County, southern Utah, is a region of generally flat-lying, gently folded sedimentary rocks, bounded on the east by the east-dipping limb of the East Kaibab monocline and cut by sheer-walled, narrow canyons. The area selected for study by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management totaled 94,642 acres (148 square miles); because of uncertainty as to final boundaries, the U.S. Geological Survey studied an additional contiguous 41,180 acres (64 square miles).
Date: 1991
Creator: Bell, Henry, III; Bush, Alfred Lerner & Turner, Robert L.