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Potash Salts from Texas-New Mexico Polyhalite Deposits: Commercial Possibilities, Proposed Technology, and Pertinent Salt-Solution Equilibria

Description: From Introduction: "Figure 1 shows the location of sources that have been either exploited or seriously considered at one time or another, super-imposed upon a map indicating by small letters the order of consumption of K2O in the leading States; the amount used in these States, together with the percentage of the total consumption of potash used as fertilizer in the United States in 1939, is given in table 1. Figure 2 shows the domestic production and total consumption of potassium salts, in terms of tons of K2O, with the value per unit at the plants, for each year since 1913. Considered together, these two figures tell a significant story."
Date: 1944
Creator: Conley, John E. & Partridge, Everett P.

Cotton Diseases and Their Control

Description: "The principal cotton diseases which cause damage in the Southern States are described and illustrated in the following pages and the best-known methods of controlling them are described." -- p. 3. Diseases discussed include wilt, root knot, anthracnose, bacterial blight, shedding of bolls, rust, Texas root rot, and other minor diseases.
Date: 1921
Creator: Gilbert, William W. (William Williams), b. 1880

The Southern Pine Beetle: A Menace to the Pine Timber of the Southern States

Description: Report discussing the destructive effects of the Southern pine beetle on pine forests in the southern United States. To prevent spread of the disease, infested trees should be located between November and March and destroyed. Methods for locating infested trees and destroying them are explained in detail.
Date: 1921
Creator: Hopkins, A. D. (Andrew Delmar), 1857-1948

The Mexican Bean Beetle in the East

Description: Report discussing the Mexican bean beetle, which is the most serious insect enemy of beans in parts of the United States. Although it has long been present in the southwestern United States, it has recently spread to the Southeast and destroyed much of the bean crop there. This bulletin describes the beetle's life cycle and different control measures, including spraying and dusting with insecticides.
Date: 1924
Creator: Howard, Neale F.

Fall-Sown Oats

Description: Report discussing fall-sown grain crops in the southern United States, which serve several purposes during the winter: they provide cover for land, forage for livestock, and improve soils through crop rotation. Best practices for cultivation of a winter grain crop are discussed, especially with regard to sowing methods.
Date: 1920
Creator: Warburton, C. W. (Clyde William), 1879- & Stanton, T. R. (Thomas Ray), b. 1885

Carpet Grass

Description: Report discussing carpet grass, which is an unappreciated but highly valuable grass that grows in permanent pastures on sandy soils, especially in the Coastal Plain of the southern United States. Discussion focuses on growing conditions and pasture practices.
Date: 1920
Creator: Piper, Charles V. (Charles Vancouver), 1867-1926

Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 49

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Conservation of Soil Resources, Potato Breeding, Disk-Harrowing Alfalfa, the Montreal Muskmelon, Storage of Hubbard Squash, Fig Culture in the South, Mushroom Growing, Preserving Wild Mushrooms, Cooking Beans and Other Vegetables, and a Model Kitchen.
Date: 1909
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

Forage Plants for the South

Description: Report discussing the findings of an experimental study of over 500 native and foreign species of grasses and other forage plants in the southern United States. The report is limited to a discussion of species that were established to hold agricultural value for hay and pastures.
Date: 1894
Creator: Smith, Erwin F. (Erwin Frink), 1854-1927


Description: Report discussing the potential for cassava cultivation in the Gulf Coast States of the United States. Topics discussed include soil requirements, fertilizers, common diseases, harvesting, crop yields, and marketing.
Date: 1903
Creator: Hunter, W. D. (Walter David), 1875-1925

Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 35

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Use of Commercial Fertilizers, Weight of Lime per Bushel, Spreading Lime, Soil Sterilization, Weights per Bushel of Seeds, Disease Resistant Crops, Corn Billibugs and Root-Louse, Asparagus Rust and Its Control, Alfalfa Meal as a Feeding Stuff, Singed Cacti as Forage, Cattle Feeding in the South, Milk Fever, Nail Wounds in Horses' Feet, and Use of a Cheap Canning Outfit.
Date: 1906
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 39

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Improvements in Peach Growing, Mulberries, Alfalfa in the Eastern States, Oat Culture in the South, Improvement of Grass Land, Succotash as a Soiling Crop, Tankage and Bone Meal for Hogs, Grinding Corn for Hogs, Dips as Lice Killers, Digestibility of Fish and Poultry, Honey Vinegar, and the Farm Woodlot.
Date: 1907
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

Demonstration Work in Cooperation with Southern Farmers

Description: Report discussing the efforts of the Farmers' Cooperative Demonstration Work, which consists of "(1) the demonstration of improved methods of agriculture in the weevil-infected districts [...] and (2) the extension of the same principles to other Southern States beyond the range of weevil infestation." (p. 6) Congress created the organization in 1904 to assist with relief efforts.
Date: 1908
Creator: Knapp, Seaman Ashahel, 1833-1911

Beef Production in the South

Description: Report giving an overview of methods for raising cattle in the southern United States. There are special discussions of cattle feed, methods for fattening cattle, and the different breeds of cattle adapted to the region.
Date: 1914
Creator: Ward, W. F. (William Francis) & Gray, Dan T. (Daniel Thomas), 1878-

The Roundheaded Apple-Tree Borer

Description: This report discusses the roundheaded apple-tree borer, an insect in the eastern and midwestern United States that, in its larval stage, destroys the bark and wood of apple trees. Several methods of control are discussed, including worming, paints and washes, and sprays.Apple-tree borers.
Date: 1915
Creator: Brooks, Fred E.