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Levee Underseepage Software: User Manual and Validation [Floppy Disk]

Description: A FORTRAN 77 computer program (LEVSEEP), developed to analyze levee underseepage on IBM PC compatible microcomputers with an 8087 math coprocessor. The software and associated equipment plots cross sections and piezometer data; calculates seepage flow and substratum pressure; analyzes landside berm, river side blanket, cutoff and relief well control measures; and finally, estimates the construction cost of these alternatives.
Date: September 1989
Creator: Cunny, Robert W.; Agostinelli, Victor M., Jr. & Taylor, Hugh M., Jr.

Levee Underseepage Analysis for Special Foundation Conditions [Floppy Disk]

Description: Computer program developed to predict underseepage conditions for special cases of levee and foundation geometry. The differential equations for levee underseepage were derived and programmed in finite difference form for three special cases of boundary conditions. The developed programs allow analyses that are not restricted to the boundary conditions assumed in the conventional, closed form solution, i.e., two foundation layers of uniform thickness with horizontal boundaries.
Date: September 1989
Creator: Wolff, Thomas F.