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N-17, A Delayed Neutron Emitter

Description: The decay scheme of a 4.2 second neutron emitter has been investigated in detail. Chemical and physical evidence shows that it is N{sup 17}, which emits beta rays to a broad excited state of O{sup 17}, which then breaks up into a neutron plus O{sup 16}. The energy spectrum of the neutrons is determined by measuring the energies of the O{sup 16} recoils in a proportional counter. The neutrons have a most probable energy of 0.9 Mev, a 'half width' of less than .5 Mev, and an upper limit of about 2 Mev. {beta}-recoil coincidences are observed, as predicted by the Bohr-Wheeler theory, and the {beta}-ray energy is measured by absorption. The beta rays in coincidence with neutrons have an upper limit of 3.7 {+-} 0.2 Mev. Beta-rays directly to the ground stat of O{sup 17} are not observed because of high background effects, but should have an energy of 8.7 Mev. Some evidence is presented to show that energy is conserved in the {beta}-n transition through the broad excited state in O{sup 17}.
Date: November 5, 1948
Creator: Alvarez, L. W.

75-mm howitzer materiel.

Description: This is a World War II-era technical manual for the 75mm Howitzer. It contains information on use, maintenance, assembly, and other aspects of this weapon.
Date: June 21, 1941
Creator: United States. Army. Ordnance Department.

100 Area Water Study

Description: This paper gives a cost breakdown of all the water facilities in the 100-F area for the month of January, 1948. Also given is the cost of chlorine for addition to the process water system along with where it is added and in what amounts. Lastly, the average figure for the hardness for the Columbia River water at Hanford.
Date: September 23, 1948
Creator: Beekman, S. W.

100 Areas: April 9--April 15

Description: Reported are: physics (B Pile, D Pile, F Pile, general physics); and water, corrosion, and engineering (process water control and pressure drop studies, purging studies, corrosion, graphite expansion, downcomer -- B Area).
Date: April 19, 1946
Creator: Jordan, W. E.

100 Areas: April 16--April 22

Description: Reported are: physics (B pile, D pile, F pile, general physics); and water, corrosion and engineering (process water control and pressure drop studies, purging studies, removal of process tube B-3671).
Date: April 26, 1946
Creator: Jordan, W. E.

100 Areas, February 5--February 11

Description: This report gives the weekly status for the B, D, and F piles. Also given is the reactivity status at the end of the week for each pile. Process water control and pressure drop studies are discussed. Finally a brief discussion is given of the graphite expansion problem.
Date: February 15, 1946
Creator: Jordan, W. E.