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14'' x 17'' film recorder for computer-enhanced scans

Description: Physician acceptance of computer-enhanced radionuclide scan results, presented in the form of small Polaroid pictures, has been very limited for a number of subjective reasons. A new recorder was designed and constructed that presents the results of computer augmented scans through a medium that is quite familiar to doctors, the standard 14 in. x 17 in. x-ray film. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Morris, A. C., Jr.; Barclay, T. R.; Akin, T. E.; Hansard, M. C.; Gibbs, W. D. & Modzelewski, C. U.

17th Annual Report

Description: The ACIR Library is composed of publications that study the interactions between different levels of government. This document is an annual report.
Date: January 1976
Creator: United States. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Abortion: Legal Control

Description: The U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 112 (1973), and Doe v. Bolton, 410 U.S. 179, which held generally that a State could no longer prohibit abortions in the first 6 months of pregnancy, caused several House and Senate members to move for an abortion prohibition effectuated by congressional action. To this end, proposed bills and constitutional amendments have been introduced in both Houses. Rather than having settled the abortion question conclusively, the Supreme Court decisions have kindled a national protest movement.
Date: August 12, 1976
Creator: Hall, James

Accelerator-based neutron generator (addendum)

Description: A proposal to design, construct, and operate a D--Li intense neutron source for CTR materials research is discussed. Information pertaining to the following areas is given: (1) radiation damage effectiveness, (2) Linac design and performance, (3) target design and performance, (4) experimental area design, (5) construction schedule, (6) construction costs, (7) preliminary design and development program, (8) facility operation and operating costs, and (9) financial appropriation plan. (MOW)
Date: January 1976
Creator: Grand, P.

Air Pollution and the Siting of Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Description: The decision to locate a fossil-fueled electrical power plant on a particular site involves trade-offs among the costs of: (1) land acquisition, (2) plant construction, operation, and maintenance, (3) power transmission, and (4) air pollution damage to humans, animals, plants and materials. The fourth of these, pollution costs, has been of great concern in recent years. But seldom, if ever, are the specific dollar trade-offs between the environmental and the other costs associated with site selection taken into account. The sum of the costs of power generation (land, construction, operation, maintenance), power transmission, and air pollution damages (from sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates) is the total social cost of a fossil-fuel plant; this total cost will generally vary by site. This paper presents an analysis of the total social cost, and the trade-offs between generation/transmission and air pollution costs, for various types of fossil plants at different sites in northern Illinois. The analysis identifies the combinations of site, fossil fuel, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) control technology that minimize total social costs.
Date: 1976
Creator: Fishelson, Gordon; Rausser, Gordon C. & Cohen, Alan S.

America Joins a Metric World

Description: Pamphlet issued by the United States National Bureau of Standards discussing the Metric Conversion Act of 1975, the work of the U.S. Metric Board, and how government agencies are facilitating a switch to the metric system.
Date: February 1976
Creator: United States. National Bureau of Standards.

Analysis of 303-GeV/c Proton Interactions Tagged by High-Energy Gamma rays

Description: Two emulsion chambers of sandwich type of nuclear emulsion and thin lead plates were exposed to 303 GeV/c proton beams at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. 70 jet showers tagged by high energy {gamma} rays were analyzed and correlations between high energy {gamma} rays and charged particles with large transverse momenta were studied. Strong correlation was observed between these components and a possible explanation for this effect may be the formation of a forward excited baryon and its decay. A special event with a direct electron was also observed.
Date: July 1, 1976
Creator: Fuchi, H.; Hoshino, K.; Kuramata, S.; Niu, K.; Niwa, K.; Tasaka, S. et al.

Analysis of a Cylindrical Shell Vibrating in a Cylindrical Fluid Region

Description: Analytical and experimental methods are presented for evaluating the vibration characteristics of cylindrical shells such as the thermal liner of the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) reactor vessel. The NASTRAN computer program is used to calculate the natural frequencies, mode shapes, and response to a harmonic loading of a thin, circular cylindrical shell situated inside a fluid-filled rigid circular cylinder. Solutions in a vacuum are verified with an exact solution method and the SAP IV computer code. Comparisons between analysis and experiment are made, and the accuracy and utility of the fluid-solid interaction package of NASTRAN is assessed.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Chung, Ho; Mulcahy, T. M.; Turula, P. & Jendrzeczyk, J. A.

An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Reliability of Retrievable Storage Canisters for Containment of Solid High-Level Radioactive Waste

Description: The reliability of stainless steel type 304L canisters for the containment of solidified high-level radioactive wastes in the glass and calcine forms was studied. A reference system, drawn largely from information furnished by Battelle Northwest Laboratories and Atlantic Richfield Hanford Company is described. Operations include filling the canister with the appropriate waste form, interim storage at a reprocessing plant, shipment in water to a Retrievable Surface Storage Facility (RSSF), interim storage at the RSSF, and shipment to a final disposal facility.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Mecham, W. J.; Seefeldt, Waldemar B. & Steindler, M. J.

Analysis of neutron scattering and gamma-ray production integral experiments on nitrogen for neutron energies from 1 to 15 MeV

Description: Two integral experiments of neutron scattering and gamma-ray production from nitrogen samples performed at Intelcom Radiation Technology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory were analyzed with Monte Carlo calculations. The experimental results include angular-dependent NE-213 detector count rates for both scattered neutrons and gamma-ray production from a spherical dewar of liquid nitrogen pulsed with a neutron beam with energies from 1 to 20 MeV. Additional results were reported in the ORNL experiments for unfolded scattered neutron and gamma-ray production spectra as a function of detector angle in broad incident neutron energy bins. Multigroup Monte Carlo calculations were made to analyze all the reported results. Conclusions were drawn about the status of the ENDF/B- IV nitrogen cross-section data file from the comparison of calculated and experimental results. 1 table, 44 figures. (auth)
Date: March 1, 1976
Creator: Cramer, S.N. & Oblow, E.M.

Analysis of Well Tests with Variable Discharge

Description: The conventional methods of well tests analysis usually assume a constant rate of discharge of the producing well. The procedure involves matching a log-log plot of test data (drawdown versus time) to analytic or semi-analytic solutions that are based on a model of the production well as a line source of constant strength in an infinite reservoir. However, variable discharge well test conditions may arise under a variety of conditions, such as existing well-field production schedules, step-drawdown tests, and influence of the pumping water level on the production rate. It is very desirable to have the capability to reliably interpret data from the tests. In fact, the present study was prompted by a set of recent geothermal well test data in which due to various mechanical problems, the flow rate during the first 70 hours of production varied widely and could not effectively be treated as a mean constant rate. The present paper reports the development of a general technique of analyzing well tests with variable flow rates. This method will make it possible to do well test analyses when a constant discharge flow rate is difficult to maintain, and permit detection of boundaries even in situations where there is a markedly varying flow rate. Work is currently in progress to extend the analysis to the study of short-term data. 1 tab., 5 figs.
Date: December 1, 1976
Creator: Tsang, Chin Fu; D.G., McEdwards; Narasimhan, T.N. & Witherspoon, P.A.

Analytic solutions for constant tension coil shapes

Description: An analytical solution of the differential equation describing the shape of a flexible filamentary conductor (incapable of supporting bending stresses) in a toroidal magnetic field has been obtained. The solution derives from a series expansion of modified Bessel functions of integer order. The characteristics of toroidal field magnets for proposed tokamak devices are obtainable by term by term integration of the solution series. General expressions are given for the following coil characteristics: the conductor turn length, the solenoid inductance, the area enclosed by the coil and the coil support dimensions. For several particular cases of interest these coil characteristics are obtained as closed form analytical formula. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Gralnick, S.L. & Tenney, F.H.

Analytical Investigation of Certain Aspects of LMFBR Subassembly-Failure Propagation

Description: An analytical investigation of certain problems in the area of subassembly-to-subassembly failure propagation in LMFBR's is described. Existing analyses of the response of the adjacent subassembly duct to mechanical loads are reviewed and summarized, and major uncertainties are identified. Additional analyses of the response of the adjacent subassembly to certain thermal loads are presented in two parts. In the first part, the effect of an external heat flux on duct melting and thermal stresses is considered. The external heat fluxes required to produce duct melting or excessive thermal stresses are compared with the heat fluxes that might be expected from the molten fuel deposited on the duct wall. In the second part, a thermal-hydraulic study is performed to investigate the effect of the external heat flux on the coolant temperature distribution in the adjacent subassembly. Both normal subassembly geometry and distorted subassembly geometry are considered. A detailed model of the coolant region formed by the heated duct wall and the displaced fuel pins is also analyzed to determine whether there are severe temperature gradients.
Date: February 1976
Creator: Marr, William W.; Wang, P. Y.; Misra, B.; Padilla, A. & Crawford, R. M.

ANL/HIWAY: an Air Pollution Evaluation Model for Roadways

Description: This report describes a computer program, called ANL/HIWAY, for estimating air quality levels of nonreactive pollutants produced by vehicular sources. It is valid for receptors at distances of tens to hundreds of meters, at an angle, downwind of the roadway, in relatively uncomplicated terrain. It may be used by planners to analyze the effects of a proposed roadway on adjacent air quality. The ANL/HIWAY model expands the evaluation capabilities of the EPA/HIWAY dispersion model. This report also serves as a user's manual for running the ANL/HIWAY PROGRAM. All command structures are described in detail, with sample problems exemplifying their use.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Concaildi, George A.; Cohen, Alan S. & King, Richard F.

Annual environmental monitoring summary, July 1975--June 1976

Description: Monsanto Research Corporation operates Mound Laboratory, a government-owned facility of the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration, at Miamisburg, Ohio. Mound Laboratory is an integrated, research, development, and production facility performing work in support of ERDA weapon and nonweapon programs with emphasis on explosive and nuclear technology. Mound Laboratory originated as a technical organization in 1943 when Monsanto Chemical Company was requested to accept responsibility for determining the chemical and metallurgical properties of polonium as a project of the Manhattan Engineering District. Work was carried on at Monsanto`s Central Research Department and several satellite units in the Dayton, Ohio area. Late in 1945, the Manhattan Engineering District determined that the research, development and production organization established by Monsanto at Dayton should become a permanent facility. A search for a suitable location in early 1946 led to the selection of a 180-acre tract adjacent to Miamisburg, about ten miles (16 km) south of Dayton. Construction of Mound Laboratory, which was named after the Miamisburg Indian Mound adjacent to the site, began in February 1947 and was completed in 1948. The new laboratory was the first permanent facility of the Atomic Energy Commission which had succeeded the Manhattan Engineering District.
Date: October 29, 1976

Annual highlights report for 1975

Description: Mound`s work through the year centered on development, production, and surveillance of weapon components; development and assembly of plutonium-238 heat sources; production and sales of stable isotopes; separation of special radioisotopes; development of Safeguards procedures for nuclear materials control; and development of improved techniques for effluent control and waste management. Reductions in funding for certain programs led to reductions in the work force during the last half of the year. Year end employment was 1542, down 157 from January 1. Application of the Zero-Base Budgeting concept, particularly in the overhead areas, enabled the Laboratory to manage the funding reductions with minimal impact on vital services.
Date: March 1, 1976
Creator: Flitcraft, R. K. & McClain, J. R.

Application of Frequency-Modified Life Approach to the Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel

Description: The application of the frequency-modified life equation to fatigue life prediction has been critically examined using the extensive fatigue data generated for Type 304 stainless steel at 1100 degrees F under a variety of cyclic-loading conditions. The parameters that enter into the frequency-modified life equation vary with strain rate and show a transition coinciding with the frequency of cycling at which a change in the fracture appearance from predominantly transgranular to predominantly intergranular failure mode or vice versa occurs. The accuracy in life prediction is improved when the effect of strain rate on life-predictive parameters is considered. It is shown how the effect of compressive and symmetric hold time on fatigue life can be taken into account. A comparison between the frequency-modified life approach of Coffin and the damage-rate approach recently developed by Majumdar and Maiya is also made to show the importance of wave-shape on low-cycle fatigue life.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Maiya, P. S. & Majumdar, S.

Application of Thermal Depletion Model to Geothermal Reservoirs with Fracture and Pore Permeability

Description: The useful lifetime of a geothermal resource is usually calculated by assuming fluid will be produced from and reinjected into a uniform porous medium. However, most geothermal systems are found in fractured rock. If the reinjection and production wells intersect connected fractures, then reinjected fluid may cool the production wells much sooner than would be predicted from calculations of flow in a porous medium. We have developed a “quick and dirty” method for calculating how much sooner that cooling will occur (Kasameyer and Schroeder, 1975, 1976). In this paper, we discuss the basic assumptions of the method, and show how it can be applied to the Salton Geothermal Field, the Raft River System, and to reinjection of supersaturated fluids. 6 refs., 6 figs.
Date: December 1, 1976
Creator: Kasameyer, P.W. & Schroeder, R.C.

The Approach to Scaling in Single Particle Inclusive Hadron Scattering from 4-GeV/c to 250 GeV/c

Description: Measurements of the dependence on s = (p{sub a} + p{sub b}){sup 2} of the cross section for single charged hadron production in the reactions a + b {yields} c + anything are presented. Particle c is detected in a fixed interval of laboratory momentum and angle in the fragmentation region of the target proton. For the energy range studied there are significant departures from A + Bs{sup -1/2} energy dependence. When these departures are taken into account, asymptotic predictions such as Pomeron factorization can be tested.
Date: July 1, 1976
Creator: Beier, E.W.; Brody, H.; Patton, R.; Raychaudhuri, K.; Takeda, H.; Thern, R. et al.

An approximate spin design criterion for monoplanes, 1 May 1939

Description: An approximate empirical criterion, based on the projected side area and the mass distribution of the airplane, was formulated. The British results were analyzed and applied to American designs. A simpler design criterion, based solely on the type and the dimensions of the tail, was developed; it is useful in a rapid estimation of whether a new design is likely to comply with the minimum requirements for safety in spinning.
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Seidman, O. & Donlan, C. J.

Argonne National Laboratory Division of Biological and Medical Research, Annual Report: 1976

Description: Annual report of the Argonne National Laboratory Division of Biological and Medical Research summarizing research an other activities. This report includes the exploration of the toxicological effects of effluents from various forms of energy production with a view to defining hazards and risk assessments for man.
Date: 1976?
Creator: Rosenthal, M. W.