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0-2 kv Flash Tube Supplies

Description: The power supplies designed and constructed to power high-intensity flash tubes are described. Three supplies, capable of charging 100 mfd to 2 kv with a repetltion rate of not less than 0.8 sec, are operated remotely from a control panel containing 3 powerstats. The power supplies are full wave center trapped rectifiers employing silicon rectifiers. (M.C.G.)
Date: March 15, 1962
Creator: Miller, D. M.

14-Inch Swing Check Valve Test

Description: The check valve for the Hallam Power Reactor uses a knife-edge bearing for the flapper in place of the usual journal-type bearing. Mechanical cycling in sodium at 600 deg F was used to check operation of this bearing. A total of 309 mechanical cycles was completed with no apparent malfunctioning of the valve. Measured leskage rates were 0.46 gpm at 0.93 psig, 0.73 gpm at 3.4 psig. and 0.32 gpm at 5.9 psig. (M.C.G.)
Date: February 10, 1960
Creator: Cygan, R.

40-MW(e) Prototype High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Research and Development Program. Quarterly Progress Report for the Period Ending June 30, 1962

Description: Research and development progress specifically directed toward the construction of a 40-Mw(e) prototype power plant employing a high-temperature, gas-cooled, graphitemoderated reactor known as the HTGR is reported. Irradiation of element III-B in the in-pile loop continued satisfactorily. The element has generated a total of l36.3 Mw-hr of fission heat. The gross activity in the purge stream increased slightly to about 350 mu C/cm/sup 3/. By taking larger gas samples than were previously taken, a value of 0.02 VC/cm/sup 3/ was obtained for the gross activity of the primary loop. Element III-A, which was removed from the loop after generating 133 Mw-hr of fission heat, was disassembled and examined. No fuel-compact damage of any type was visible. Determination of the distribution of fission products in the element is under way, Fissionproduct- release data for in-pile-loop element III-A were calculated. During the 133 Mw- hr of operation, the release fraction increased by approximately one order of magnitude. Also calculated were the xenon and krypton release data for the first 100 Mw-hr of III-B operation. The release rate for the longer-lived isotopes increased bv about a factor of 10 and that of the shorter-lived isotopes by about a factor of 100. A test was run in which the in-pileloop purge flow, was stopped. The primariy-loop activity level rose sharply during the first hour, increased at a slower rate for the next 11 hr, and then appeared to level off. When purge flow was resumed, the gross activity in the primary loop was cleaned up with a half life of about 2.2 hr. An attempt was made to identify Cs/sup 137/ and Ba/ sup 140/ plateout in portions of the in-pile loop. A very small amount of cesium (less than a monolayer) was found, but no barium could be detected. The validity of two ...
Date: October 31, 1963