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Primary view of Application of Buckley-Leverett Techniques in Oil-Reservoir Analysis
Higgins, R. V.
Primary view of Beneficiation Studies of the Oregon Coastal Dune Sands for Use as Glass Sand
Carter, George J.; Harris, Henry M. & Strandberg, Karle G.
Primary view of Bituminous Coal Deposits of the Matanuska Coalfield, Alaska: Central and Western Parts, Wishbone District
Warfield, Robert S.
Primary view of Bovill Clay and Sand Deposit, Latah County, Idaho: Geology, Minerology, and Beneficiation Tests
Kelly, Hal J.; Carter, George J. & Todd, George H.
Primary view of Design and Applications of Some Mathematical Models for Mine-Systems Analysis
Hewlett, Richard F. & Redmon, D. E.
Primary view of Diesel Exhaust Contamination of Tunnel Air
Holtz, John C. & Dalzell, Robert W.
February 1968
Primary view of Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing in Oklahoma Waterflood Wells
Powell, John Philip & Johnston, Kenneth H.
Primary view of Energy Production and Consumption in the United States: An Analytical Study Based on 1954 Data
Teitelbaum, Perry D.
Primary view of Engineering Study of Water Injection in 14 Oil Reservoirs of North Louisiana
Meadows, Paul; Hawkins, Murphy E.; Weaver, L. K. & Jones, O. W.
Primary view of Evaluating Cuyuna Manganese Resources by Sulfatizing
Prasky, Charles; Marovelli, Robert Lawrence & Joyce, Floyd E., Jr.
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Western Phosphate Industry and Its Resources: (In Five Parts), 3. Idaho
Service, Alfred L.
Primary view of Foam-Drive Process for Increasing the Recovery of Oil
Fried, Arthur N.
Primary view of Hyatt Rach Pegmatite, Larimer County, Colorado
Gilkey, Millard M.
Primary view of Investigation of Manganese Deposits, Hodgdon and Linneus Townships, Southern District, Aroostook County, Maine
Earl, Kenneth M. & Eilertsen, Nils A.
Primary view of Iron Mountain Titaniferous Magnetite Deposits, Fremont County, Colorado
Becker, Robert M.; Shannon, S. S., Jr. & Rose, C. K.
Primary view of Lithology and Reservoir Properties of the Big Lime, Keener, Big Injun, Weir, and Berea Horizons, Spruce Creek Oilfield, Ritchie County, West Virginia
McCord, Wallace R. & Eckard, William E.
Primary view of Manganese Resources of the Batesville District, Arkansas: (In Three Parts), 3. Field Investigations: July 1956 to June 1961
Stroud, R. B.
Primary view of New England Beryllium Investigations
Barton, William R. & Goldsmith, Carl E.
Primary view of A Petrofabric Study of Tectonic and Mining-Induced Deformations in a Deep Mine
Gresseth, Elbridge W. & Reid, Rolland R.
September 1968
Primary view of Petroleum-Engineering Study of the Hall-Gurney Oilfield, Russell County, Kansas
Riggs, C. H.; Heath, Larman J.; Ward, Don C. & Huff, Ray V.
Primary view of Preparation Characteristics of Pennsylvania Anthracite from the Bottom Red Ash Bed, Northern Field
Sanner, William S.
July 1967
Primary view of Producing and Ladle-Treating Medium-Carbon Alloy Steels with Rare-Earth Metals and Oxides
Leary, Richard J.; Ostrowski, E. J. & Derick, Nick
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Titaniferous Sandstone Deposits of Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado
Dow, Vernon T. & Batty, J. Vance
Primary view of Reconnaissance Studies of Alaskan Beach Sands, Eastern Gulf of Alaska
Thomas, Bruce I. & Berryhill, Robert V.