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0-2 kv Flash Tube Supplies

Description: The power supplies designed and constructed to power high-intensity flash tubes are described. Three supplies, capable of charging 100 mfd to 2 kv with a repetltion rate of not less than 0.8 sec, are operated remotely from a control panel containing 3 powerstats. The power supplies are full wave center trapped rectifiers employing silicon rectifiers. (M.C.G.)
Date: March 15, 1962
Creator: Miller, D. M.
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04 nuclear safety: pressure piping crack monitoring detection of metal overstress by acoustic emission. Progress report, July-September 1966

Description: The three main areas of effort have been: (1) definition of the general acoustic response pattern related to the gross aspects of forming and extending a crack in various materials, (2) development of a monitor system prototype concept exclusive of transducers and (3) development of a suitable, high temperature transducer. Tests using double cantilever beam (DCB) specimens of various materials to establish conditions of crack formation and growth have indicated that material ductility is a major controlling factor in the acoustic response pattern. It appears to effect both acoustic emission intensity and the point in the crack formation-growth sequence at which the main emission occurs. A concept has been developed for the prototype of a full scale monitor system. Hardware development is being limited to the analyzer portion of the system at this time because it is the part most significant to demonstrating feasibility of the intended application. Signal level and signal rate are both being investigated as possible parameters for evaluating acoustic emission data. Of the various transducers for potential high temperature application, the capacitive or electrostatic transducer now looks most promising. A significant improvement in sensitivity has been achieved and a trial model used during recent tests produced generally satisfactory data. The sequence of effort on the program is being adjusted somewhat from that previously outlined. Some of the more detailed investigative phases will receive only moderate attention, temporarily, in favor of first demonstrating the basic feasibility of detecting acoustic emission and making a meaningful analysis under postulated service conditions.
Date: October 28, 1966
Creator: Hutton, P H
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Description: The power supplies designed and constructed to power high intensity flash tubes used in bubble chamber experiments are briefly described and are accompanied by a schematic diagram of the layout. (D.C.W.)
Date: March 15, 1962
Creator: Miller, D.M.
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12-INCH SODIUM FLOW CONTROLLER. Technical Manual 20357

Description: A manual is presented for the Sodium Flow Controller used in controlling flow to regulate heat transfer in a liquid metal nuclear power plant. A description of the controller, general installation and operational pointers, installation instructions, instructions for dismantling of the Sodium Flow Controller, instructions for assembly of Sodium Flow Controller, list of special tools and fixtures, and repair parts list are given. (M.C.G.)
Date: October 31, 1962
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Description: In order to retain the hermetic feature of the sodium flow controller, magnetic flux linkage of a permanent magnet coupling is used to transmit the torque produced by the operator through the pressure wall. Magnetic calculations, manufacture, and testing of this magnet coupling are described. (M.C.G.)
Date: August 18, 1961
Creator: Flator, H.E.
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13-Watt Curium-Fueled Thermoelectric Generator for Hard Lunar Impact Mission. Final Report-Subtask 5.8

Description: Results of a conceptual design study for a curium powered thermoelectric generator of minimum size and weight which is capable of sustaining hard impact is presented. The generator produces a minimum of 13 watts of d-c power at 3 volts, and weighs 6.2 pounds excluding shielding. (J.R.D.)
Date: August 1, 1960
Creator: Bloom, J. L.
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14-Inch Swing Check Valve Test

Description: The check valve for the Hallam Power Reactor uses a knife-edge bearing for the flapper in place of the usual journal-type bearing. Mechanical cycling in sodium at 600 deg F was used to check operation of this bearing. A total of 309 mechanical cycles was completed with no apparent malfunctioning of the valve. Measured leskage rates were 0.46 gpm at 0.93 psig, 0.73 gpm at 3.4 psig. and 0.32 gpm at 5.9 psig. (M.C.G.)
Date: February 10, 1960
Creator: Cygan, R.
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