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Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 53

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Inoculation and Lime for Alfalfa, Citrus Culture in Southern Texas, Pruning Rotundifolia Grapes, Native Hays or Arid Region, Bermuda Grass, Short v. Long Feeding of Beef Cattle, Contagious Abortion of Cattle, Preventing Losses at Lambing time, Winter Lambs for the Pacific Coast Market, Feeding Work Horses, Colony Houses for Poultry, Food of the Crow Blackbird, and Flour for Baking Powder Biscuits.
Date: 1909
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

Farm Practice in the Columbia Basin Uplands

Description: "The principle objects in undertaking this study [of farming practices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho] were (1) to ascertain what methods of tillage are in actual use by the farmers of the region, together with the relative merits of the different methods, and (2) to determine, if possible, the localities and conditions under which each of the leading varieties of wheat succeeds best." -- p. 7
Date: 1907
Creator: Hunter, Byron, b. 1869

Forage-Crop Practices in Western Oregon and Western Washington

Description: Report discussing best practices for growing forage plants with special emphasis given to the usefulness of legumes as soil renovators. The report gives thorough descriptions of the most common of these plants.
Date: 1906
Creator: Hunter, Byron, b. 1869

Growing and Curing Hops

Description: "In keeping with the great progress made in agriculture within recent years the methods employed in hop production have not remained unchanged. Nevertheless certain practical principles of great importance to successful hop growing merit a much wider consideration and use than they now enjoy. These will be discussed in the following pages in which is also presented a brief general outline of hop culture." -- p. 7. Hops culture is discussed with regard to climate and soil requirements, propagation, planting, trellises and training, picking, and curing.
Date: 1907
Creator: Stockberger, W. W. (Warner Webster)

Sheeps, Hogs, and Horses in the Pacific Northwest

Description: This bulletin gives a broad overview of the livestock industry in the Pacific Northwest with respect to sheep and hogs; there is also a brief discussion of the horse industry. I. Sheep Husbandry. II. Hog Raising. III. The Horse Industry.
Date: 1900
Creator: French, Hiram T. (Hiram Taylor), b. 1861; Nelson, S. B. (Sofus Bertelsen), 1867-1931 & Withcombe, James

A Successful Poultry and Dairy Farm

Description: "The present article is the story of a professional man whose longing for the freedom of country life led him at the age age of 36 to abandon the city for the farm.... the farm referred to is that of Mr. H. L. Blanchard, of Jefferson County, Washington. It lies on the west side of Puget Sound, at the base of the Olympic Mountains. The products of the farm are butter, eggs, poultry, and a small quantity of fresh pork." -- p. 6
Date: 1909
Creator: Spillman, W. J. (William Jasper)