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Analysis of Optically Excited Mercury Molecules

Description: Report presenting new measurement techniques used to obtain potential curves, f-values, and kinetic behavior for Hg2. The Hg2 molecule is representative of a class of molecules which have dissociative ground states and bound excited states. It can therefore be used as a prototype of this class of molecules which are of interest as potential new laser candidates. Because of the non-bound ground state, standard absorption spectroscopic techniques cannot be used to obtain the necessary information about the excited states.
Date: January 1975
Creator: Drullinger, R. E.; Hessel, M. M. & Smith, E. W.

Argonne National Laboratory Division of Biological and Medical Research, Annual Report: 1975

Description: Annual report of the Argonne National Laboratory Division of Biological and Medical Research summarizing research an other activities. This report includes studies conducted during calendar year 1975 when the Division of Biological and Medical Research was initiating its responses to the challenge posed by the enlarged mission in the field of energy production of its principal sponsor, the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration.
Date: 1975?
Creator: Rosenthal, M. W.

Class Notes for a PL/I Course

Description: Presented here are notes for a course in PL/I. They might serve as a guide to those who are developing a course, or as class notes for that course. They might be useful as a textbook independent of any course; as such a textbook, however, they are not self-contained because of the built-in assumption that they will supplement lectures and be accompanied by manuals. Very nearly the full language is taught here, with the emphasis on concepts rather than practical details. Discussion of I/O is avoided until roughly the midpoint of the course. The hoped-for consequence for students is an enhanced perception and understanding of the many concepts and their logical relationships. The dawning of the age of transportability for PL/I programs gives the user a reason, for the first time, to avoid convenient but illegal language.
Date: November 1975
Creator: Dritz, Kenneth W.

Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Costs: Appalachian and Midwestern Coal Supply Districts

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing costs of strip mining reclamation. As stated in the introduction, "the Bureau of Mines has undertaken this study to determine, as accurately as possible, the actual costs of reclaiming strip mined land in conjunction with active mining operations" (p. 2). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1975
Creator: Evans, Robert J. & Bitler, John R.

Effects of Possible Compression Loading of EBR-II Subassemblies Due to Irradiation-Induced Swelling and Changes in Reactor Environment

Description: A condition of compression loading could possibly occur to a subassembly as a result of large length changes to irradiation-induced swelling and thermal expansion. The effects of axial compression loading on EBR-II experimental and driver-fuel subassemblies were evaluated. Compression tests that were performed on the slotted top fixture of a subassembly showed that a force of 2100 lb at 900 degrees F would close the slot enough so that the core-gripper blade would not fit into the slot. Such a slot closure would prevent the subassembly from being removed from the reactor with the core gripper.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Longua, K. J.; Flinn, J. E.; Koenig, J. F. & Walters, L. C.

A Gage Block Measurement Process Using Single Wavelength Interferometry

Description: Report describing the interferometric measurement process using a laser light source and a Kosters type gage block interferometer. Continuous evaluation and refinement of the process is aided by statistical treatment and control chart techniques. All error sources, both random and systematic, are evaluated and the process is maintained in a state of statistical control.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Beers, John S.

Interactions of High Energy Particles With Nuclei

Description: Report discussing elastic scattering and diffractive production processes induced in nuclear targets by high energy projectiles. Special attention is paid to the interaction of high energy hadrons and photons. The common features of all these processes are emphasized throughout the article: The multiple scattering and shadowing processes inside of the target nuclei. An effort is made to develop a unified way of treating nuclear interactions of particles which are either hadrons or exhibit some hadronic components in such interactions.
Date: September 1975
Creator: Czyz, Wieslaw

Investigation of Nonmetallic Waterstops Report 9: Final Report of Effect of Exposure

Description: Final report describing the results of experiments to test samples of rubber, synthetic rubber, and polyvinylchloride (PVC) to determine their suitability for use in nonmetallic waterstops. During the tests, each of the samples was exposed to various conditions and environments before evaluation. This report discusses longer exposures of materials, to follow the previous report in the series discussing an evaluation of the same tests.
Date: June 1975
Creator: Houston, Billy J.

Measurement Assurance Program - A Case Study: Length Measurements. Part 1. Long Gage Blocks (5 in to 20 in)

Description: From Abstract and Introduction: "This paper is, in essence, a report on the extension of the techniques first suggested in NBS Monograph 103 "Realistic Uncertainties and the Mass Measurement Process" to the area of length measurement. This paper covers the progress to date on the long gage blocks (from 5 to 20 in the length). The purpose of this purpose is to verify the closure between the "old" process and the "new" process, and to describe the present "points of departure" upon which some of the current assigned length values are based."
Date: November 1975
Creator: Pontius, Paul E.

Physical Hydraulic Models: Assessment of Predictive Capabilities; Report 1: Hydrodynamics of the Delaware River Estuary Model

Description: Partial abstract: The purpose of this study is to define the reliability with which results of tests conducted in a physical model of the Delaware River Estuary can be used to predict the effects of modifications to the estuary. The Delaware River model at the Waterways Experiment Station was used to conduct tests to predict the effects of the navigation channel enlargement between Philadelphia and Trenton, and the results of the tests are compared with subsequent prototype data to determine the accuracy of the model predictions.
Date: June 1975
Creator: Letter, Joseph V., Jr. & McAnally, William H., Jr.

Radiological and Environmental Research Division Annual Report: Part 1, Fundamental Molecular Physics and Chemistry, July 1975-September 1976

Description: Annual report of the Argonne National Laboratory Radiological and Environmental Research Division regarding activities related to molecular physics and chemistry. The papers in the present volume are ordered in accordance with the subjects treated. Papers 1-6 concern electron energy-loss spectroscopy; papers 7-24 photoabsorption, photoionization, and photoelectron analysis; papers 25-34 electron collisions and related topics; papers 35-36 the delivery of radiation energy to matter; and papers 37-40 energetic collisions of atoms and molecules.
Date: 1975?
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Radiological and Environmental Research Division.

Radiological and Environmental Research Division Annual Report: Part 3, Ecology, January-December 1975

Description: Annual report of the Argonne National Laboratory Radiological and Environmental Research Division regarding activities related to ecology. This report includes a study of the effect of phosphorus on cadmium accumulation by exposure to 3-week-old soybeans to 0.5 ppm cadmium in the presence of added phosphate in a standard Hoagland nutrient solution for 2 days.
Date: 1975
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Radiological and Environmental Research Division.

The Role of Standard Reference Materials in Measurement Systems

Description: Report is a guide to Standard Reference Materials (SRM's) and should be useful to all users of SRM's particularly those in countries developing national measurement systems. It is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the NBS-SRM program, but rather a review of the role SRM's play in the measurement system, how SRM's are certified, and what the certification means. To illustrate the use of SRM's, several selected industries are described in which SRM's have made significant contributions.
Date: January 1975
Creator: Cali, J. P.; Mears, T. W.; Michaelis, R. E.; Reed, W. P.; Seward, R. W.; Stanley, C., L. et al.

South Loop New Town Urban Pollutant Study: Status Report. Comparison of Two Proposed Franklin St. Connector Alternatives

Description: Preliminary results are given of a study of probable carbon monoxide pollution concentrations in the South Loop area that may arise from either of two alternative Franklin Street Connector plans proposed by the Chicago Bureau of Street Traffic and by Alan M. Voorhees and Associates.
Date: 1975
Creator: Santini, Danillo J.

Study of Clay Shale Slopes Along the Panama Canal, Report 3: Engineering Analyses of Slides and Strength Properties of Clay Shales Along the Gaillard Cut

Description: "The results of the engineering studies and analyses which provide guidance on shear strength parameters applicable to the stability evaluation of existing slopes along the Gaillard Cut, the effects of future modifications, and evaluation of newly excavated slopes in clay shales are summarized in this report" (abstract). This report includes the appendices containing enginering data, characteristics of materials, analysis of past slides, active slopes, and hydrographic survey data.
Date: 1975
Creator: Banks, D. C.

Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities: Part 1 - Arranged by Elements

Description: From Abstract: "Comparisons with other other intensity measurements in individual spectra indicate that the National Bureau of Standards spectral-line intensities may have average errors of 20 percent, but first of all they provide uniform quantitative values for the seventy chemical elements commonly determined by spectrochemists. These data are presented by element in part I, and all 39000 observed lines are given in order of wavelength in part II."
Date: May 1975
Creator: Meggers, William F.; Corliss, Charles H. & Scribner, Bourdon F.