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BOLOVAC Systems for Measuring Electrical Quantities From 0.5 MHz Through Microwaves

Description: From Introduction: "This paper describes in some detail how Bolovac works, when its structural components are, what are the methods and steps of the procedure in its various major applications, and reasons for its advantages. The emphasis is on applications. Present status at the National Bureau of Standards relating to fabricating the most important component of the Bolovac-the bolometric disk-is briefly pointed out."
Date: January 1972
Creator: Selby, Myron C.
Item Type: Report

Case Studies of Desalted Water for Irrigation

Description: Report studying the use of desalinated water for irrigation at three locations in Arizona and California. Costs and benefits are measured among several different areas, including multiple concentrations of desalinated water, different desalting methods, and the desalting process.
Date: March 1972
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation.
Item Type: Report

The Development of Loran-C Navigation and Timing

Description: From Abstract: "This work traces the development of the Loran-C concept from its inception as a 100-kHz pulse hyperbolic navigation system to more recent times when it found a variety of applications to both timing and navigation."
Date: October 1972
Creator: Hefley, Gifford
Item Type: Report

Earthquake Resistance of Earth and Rock-Fill Dams, Report 2: Analysis of Response of Rifle Gap Dam to Project Rulison Underground Nuclear Detonation

Description: Summary: The motion of Rifle Gap Dam was measured in September 1969 during the Project RULISON underground nuclear explosion. The observed response was then compared with the response computed in a mathematical model. Observed and computed responses were similar. From this study it appears that the mathematical models used are applicable to the design and analysis of soil structures, at least for ground motion intensities comparable to those observed at Rifle Gap Dam. (p. xi).
Date: June 1972
Creator: Ahlberg, James E.; Fowler, Jack & Heller, Lyman W.
Item Type: Report

NBS Papers on Underground Corrosion of Steel Piling, 1962-1971

Description: From Introduction: "In this paper are presented the results obtained to date from the inspections of steel pilings. The investigation will be continued by additional inspections of pilings in other parts of the country in order to cover a winder range of soil environments."
Date: March 1972
Creator: Schwerdtfeger, W. J & Romanoff, Melvin
Item Type: Report

Pressure Distribution in Irregularly Bounded Reservoirs

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over petroleum reservoir pressure distribution. As stated in the introduction, "the purpose of this investigation is to provide the petroleum engineer with the computer techniques to determine quickly the pressure distribution in a petroleum reservoir" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1972
Creator: Higgins, R. V. & Leighton, A. J.
Item Type: Report

Reference Tables for Low-Temperature Thermocouples

Description: Report discussing the completed experimental program of the low-temperature reference tables for the commonly used thermocouples. Details of the experimental system, instrumentation, data analysis, error analysis, and materials tested are given in order to allow the user to better evaluate and apply the results.
Date: June 1972
Creator: Sparks, Larry L.; Powell, Robert L. & Hall, William J.
Item Type: Report

[United States National Bureau of Standards Ruler]

Description: Ruler issued by the United States National Bureau of Standards. The front includes measurements in centimeters (to 15) and inches (to 6); there is text on the back comparing metric and customary units for length, volume, and weight.
Date: December 1972
Creator: United States. National Bureau of Standards.

Vibroseismic Survey, Railroad Test Embankment, Aikman, Kansas

Description: Report regarding refraction seismic and vibratory tests conducted on a railroad test embankment near Aikman, Kansas as well as attenuation and dynamic laboratory tests. The refraction seismic tests indicated the existence of two distinct velocity zones, one for the embankment and one for the underlying limestone bedrock.
Date: June 1972
Creator: Curro, Joseph R.
Item Type: Report

WR15 Microwave Calorimeter and Bolometer Unit

Description: Descriptions of the principal changes in the calorimeter and bolometer unit from the WR28 models of a microwave serving as National Bureau of Standards standard for power measurements in the frequency range 50 to 75 GHz.
Date: May 1972
Creator: Harvey, Morris E.
Item Type: Report